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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

recap of last week...

Monday. I had been planning to take a couple of days off from work just to spend with Hadlea. I feel like I sometimes miss out on her since we go so much on the weekends and then only seeing her a few hours at night on the week days.

We got up and spent the day playing babies. For lunch, we went to CFA and then headed to the park. It was an overcast day and was around 98... which was MUCH different that the previous days 105!
She loves to slide and says, "we-eeeeeeeeeeee" as she goes down!
And remember how I said she is a daredevil... if you notice, I am taking these pictures looking up. The latter is ALOT taller than I am...
"getcha momma"
Eating at CFA. She is completely over high chairs. She will not sit in one at home or in a restaurant. We can sometimes bribe her at home, but she would rather sit in a chair. At a restaurant, not a chance! She would rather sit in her own chair or by me in a booth. Someone should tell this girl she is still ONLY 1 year old!
Tuesday: We spent the morning playing babies and stickers. I took her to daycare for a couple of hours in the afternoon so I could get a haircut, but then it was back home for more playing!
Wednesday: Daddy worked late so I picked up H and headed to a new Smoothie Cafe. She LOVED it. We sat at a small table while our smoothies were being made. Once they were ready, she wanted to sit back at the table to drink them. She is such a big girl these days!
Thursday: Someone LOVES the iPad! We had a great time playing and laughing with the iPad camera. She couldn't wait to show her dadda!
Friday: Justin picks up Hadlea everyday after work if he is not working late. On Fridays, they always go by the bank. The teller gives her a sucker and Justin says she squeals SO loud. She is always so proud to come home and show me and her babies!
We had a great weekend with friends. Those pics to come soon!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Your posts always crack me up! Hadlea is such a big girl - I think it's hilarious that she doesn't want to sit in a high chair anymore and I love the photo of her with her smoothie. What a ham! :-)

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