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Thursday, August 18, 2011

project 365 - week 32

You can find week 31 here!

Using old goods! We got out Hadlea's cradle that she slept in as a baby for her to use for her babies. She thought it was so great she could get in and put them to sleep. Gigi was in town so she kept Hadlea while daddy and I went to some friends house to watch the UFC fights.
Forts and Tents! After church and lunch, we made a fort for Hadlea to play in and then once she was over it, we put up her tent and tunnel! She loved both!
New bikes! Daddy went and bought us new bikes and a seat for Hadlea to start riding in the evenings. Hadlea loves to ride and talks about the bikes non-stop when we are not riding!
TLG! We joined The Little Gym and Hadlea had her first class. She loved it and couldn't get to each station fast enough to try them all out!
Sick baby girl! Hadlea was sick with a double ear infection and running around 102 degree fever. She stayed at home with momma in the morning and daddy came home in the afternoon so momma could work. It happened to rain for the first time in a LONG time so we sat on the porch and read some books.
Cousins! Aunt Leslie, Riley and Hannah came over for dinner. Daddy was fishing so while Hannah, Hadlea and I were playing outside, Les and Riley played Family Feud on the iPad. Riley and Hannah ended up staying the night... which H LOVED!
Incredible Pizza! We got up Friday morning and headed to Incredible Pizza for lunch and some games! The kids had a great time... and Hadlea just loved trying whatever the 2 big kids tried!

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Candice said...

I bet she loved that bike ride!

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