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Monday, August 08, 2011

project 365 - week 31

You can find week 30 here!
Fun night with friends! After grocery shopping, we headed home and waited on the Roumbanis family, Alissa/Dustin and James/Stephanie to cover over for a cookout. Hadlea and Jackson had a great evening playing too!
Sunday, we got dressed and ready for church! I LOVE Hadlea's outfit that Gigi bought at the Affair of the Heart. We spent the day playing at home and then went to Bass Pro and then to dinner that evening.
My favorite view! Berkley always joins Hadlea and I to play while H takes a bath. This is always my view!

Tuesday, August 2: No Photo - We worked and H went to daycare. J had to work late so I went to the gym and then picked up Hadlea.
Wednesday, August 3: No Photo - Nana came to keep Hadlea while I went to dinner with Stephanie.

FaceTime. Hadlea is loving the iPad and talking with Gigi and Poppa in the evenings!
Adult dinner! Fred, Julie, Justin and I went out to dinner while Gigi offered to keep Jackson and Hadlea at home. We did dinner at Red Rock Canyon and to a movie, The Change Up. It was a great evening!

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