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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

on the upside...

The last couple of weeks have been ROUGH! I am hoping we are on the upside of a sick, irritable, clingy and bossy baby girl... and hoping to finally start sleeping at night! Yikes! I think I slept more when she was a tiny baby than I have the last couple of weeks!
She was only getting up 2-3 times a night, however, I was keeping her at home during the day with me, which meant working before she got up and after she went to bed! That makes for some SUPER long days!

We didn't do much this weekend since I wanted her home as much as possible to recover and rest. We had some friends over on Friday evening for a cookout:  G, Taran, Trevin and Raelie. Hadlea and Trevin had so much fun swinging, playing ball and running after each other. Hadlea wasn't so sure about Raelie at first and she did NOT want me to hold her at all, but she eventually came around. Especially after she got to hold her too!
She went to bed around 9PM on Friday evening. She slept all night so I was thinking she would get up around 0830 or 0900 AM. I got up and dressed so we could go to the park before it got too hot. At 10:48AM she FINALLY started moving, and I went and got her up! Goodness... I didn't think she would ever get up. But I got alot of chores done around the house while she slept! SCORE!

We ended up going to the park around noon, which was crazy because it was already HOT and 107 degrees! She had a great time, but was sweating like a man! Ha!
After the park, we ran to CFA for lunch and happened to run into Nana and Riley. We had a nice lunch visit with them. We then ran to Target for a few things and ran into Aunt Leslie and Hannah and some of their friends.
While we were out, we got some play dough. I have never bought play dough for the house, but Hadlea has played with it at other people's houses. I am still a little unsure of it, because she tries to eat it! {Geesh.. she is a strange kid!} She ended up doing great with it... and not eating a bite! Ha!
Nana offered to keep Hadlea that evening so daddy and I could go out to dinner. Nana and Riley arrived just before 8 so Justin and I left to meet some friends for dinner and then went to the Hard Rock Casino. We had a really fun night!
My baby girl and I before we left!
 silly girl. i love her so much!
 my 3 babies!
{and don't worry about H's boots. I did not dress her in a nice summer ropper and pair them with a pair of rain boots! ha! We bought those while out shopping and she HAD to wear them all evening!}
Sunday morning, we got up and ready for church. I didn't take a picture of Hadlea in her church dress, but she looked SO cute! We came home and quickly changed clothes so we could drop my car off to get the oil changed. While we waited on it, we went to lunch and did a little shopping.

I took Had's picture before we left to take my car. It is almost impossible these days to get a good shot! I thought these were all super fun though!
Once we got home, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing/playing! Daddy did some laundry, H enjoyed the ride...
Hadlea shared crackers with her brother and got thrown around by daddy!
I am pretty sure Sunday afternoons at home are my favorite (especially now that football is starting YEAH!)! We have so much fun lounging out and playing with Hadlea! We do it alot in the evenings after work too, but they seem to go SO fast during the week when we also have dinners to cook and baths to give.
I am so glad Hadlea is feeling better too! It definitely made Sunday that much more fun to know she was back to her funny little self!

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Emily said...

Aww, keep feeling better Hadlea! The nights where they don't sleep are so rough - it really does seem worse than a newborn!

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