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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

looking for a new car?

Well... I wasn't! Ha! I HATE car payments. I am perfectly fine driving a car until the wheels fall off. It makes me insane to make monthly payments on something!

This is was my car... a Mazda CX7. This was the first car I purchased on my own. I decided what I wanted, called a few dealerships, found who would give me the best deal, and bought it! It was delivered shortly after I told my husband I bought a new car! Ha! I wanted to do it all on my own... I was proud of myself. I LOVED my car! My 6'3" husband... not so much! He had a hard time getting in and out. But Hadlea and I fit just fine!
This is my NEW car! And I LOVE it too! My parents bought this car last year... a 2011 GMC Acadia. They were trading it in for another car and offered to trade my car in and let me buy theirs! And being 'almost' 30 years old, it pays to stay a momma and daddy's girl, because I could NOT pass up their offer! :-)
The dealership delivered it to us from Oklahoma City this afternoon. Someone couldn't wait to get in and check it out! Hadlea LOVED walking around in it and climbing on the seats! As did Berkley, who had to smell every single inch!
Thank you so much mom and dad for thinking of me... I know you did not have to. And thank you Gigi and Poppa for thinking of your granddaughter. I know you wanted her to have a bigger and safer car (and yes, Gigi, I know you wanted Hadlea to have rear air! ha!) You are two of the most kind hearted people EVER. I hope to be half of the parents you are to the boys and I. I love you both SO much!

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