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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Little Gym

I decided that we were just NOT busy enough during the week so I took Hadlea to The Little Gym for a free session. She beyond loved it! She just squealed with each new thing she tried! Her age group is called the Beasts. We ended up signing her up so we now have Tuesday nights booked! No doubt she will love every session!

It is only a 45 minute class, but it felt like 5 minutes. She just had the best time! I had so much fun watching her explore and try new things. One part of the class is playing with balls and bubbles. She thought that was the greatest! {and no idea about the crossed arms... she does it all of the time for some reason!}
Here are a few more pics from the evening... bubbles, playing/singing with bells (and she goes so fast you cannot see the bells! ha!), shooting baskets and playing on the gymnastics bar.
There are alot more stations, but I had to help her with some so I couldn't take pictures. I will try to get more next time.

I am so glad I decided to take her. I had been debating as to whether she was just still too young for this, but I totally did the right thing! Plus, she will run out alot of the built up energy... that girl is SO hard to keep up with some days!

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Emily said...

What fun!! Asher took a class at The Little Gym when he was just a baby last summer and we liked it, but he couldn't really do much. It was mostly to get me out of the house and him around other kids! I think he would LOVE it now!

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