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Friday, August 19, 2011

gigi, poppa & lake weekend

Gigi and Poppa came in last Friday night to keep Hadlea while Justin and I went to meet the Justice family at the lake! We took Hadlea last year when we went so she could play with Kennedy and Brynlee, but this year we wanted to go out for an 'adults only' evening... plus, I know H would rather stay with her Gigi and Poppa anyway! Can we say spoiled?!

Gigi is always good to take pictures and capture their every moment for me! It looks like Hadlea got in ALOT of baby time.. and a little ironing of her baby blankets (wash cloths ha!).
She also got in alot of Poppa time!
After Justin and I left on Saturday, they headed to the aquarium. Hadlea is really into fish, so I had no doubt she would love it!
They even got to feed some turtles at the new turtle exhibit. We have only been once since they put this in, and she was too young to feed them.
Saturday evening, they went to the Professional Bull Riding. Gigi said she did not like the first part at all... where they announced the cowboys. They had loud music and fireworks. After that, she did great!
Sunday morning, they went out for breakfast, went to church and then met Alan and Amanda for lunch. No doubt she had a great time!

And while she enjoyed getting spoiled beyond belief, momma enjoyed spending time on the water with her very best friend!
We took the girls out for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Shannan's in-laws live on the lake so it was convenient to drop them off and let them get spoiled with the Grandparents as well!
Michael and I.
awesome sunset.
daddy and i.
the girls swimming on Sunday.
shan and i again...
{and shannan, guess what... I was STILL taller on Sunday! ha!}
It was a great weekend! Weekends like these keep me sane! You always need a best friend in life to spill your guts to... and I think we spilled so much that the guys ended up falling asleep on the boat, still on the water. We finally had to wake them up close to midnight to finally load the boat! I am already looking forward to next year...


katie@tulsadetails said...

looks like a fun weekend for all of you! :)

Candice said...

You're looking fab in your swimsuits girly!!

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