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Thursday, July 28, 2011

zoo and an adult lake day...

We had some friends come in for the weekend so Grammie headed over to keep Hadlea so we could have an 'adult' weekend at the lake. Of course, anytime Grammie comes, she plans all sorts of things for her and Hadlea to do. Saturday, they did just take it easy in the morning and then headed to Alan and Amanda's to swim. They met Grandma Janelle (Aunt Amanda's mom) and Janelle soon became her favorite person when she brought her a new baby...
Sunday, they were up early and heading to the zoo. Our zoo has been opening at 7AM due to the extreme heat...
And our dare devil of a daughter touched her first snake! She now goes around saying, "nake" and sticking her tongue in and out. She thought that was the greatest thing about him!
Our friends, Catherine/Doug and Alissa/Dustin all came in to head to the lake...
We had an awesome time! So good to catch up with old friends!

That evening we were all sitting outside our room and heard what sounded like a gun shot. Shortly after, we seen flames. A mobile home burnt so quickly! It was right across the street from where we were staying. It was amazing to see how fast the fire department got there... which happens to be volunteer because it is in the middle of nowhere! Thankfully they got it out fast and before anything else caught on fire. There was a church and a log cabin restaurant right next door and both of them were safe.
We headed back Sunday morning to see our babies! Hadlea was tired and went down for a nap, so my first baby and I did a little cuddling!
Once she was up, we spent some time playing! She is really in to dressing herself... notice her pajama pants and a pair of shorts, which are on backwards!
When I went in to get her from her nap, she started pointing to her bed and saying, "lay down momma. sit". So I crawled in and got a little cuddle time from her! She then wanted Berkley and daddy to get in... which daddy wasn't about to agree on! Ha!
We then got dressed and headed to the hospital to visit Justin's family, went to Best Buy (more on that in another post) and then out to eat!
It was a great weekend! Thanks to Grammie for coming to stay with Hadlea. I know I NEVER have to twist my mom's arm to come keep her, but I am so thankful she will come to my house and stay. Traveling with Hadlea or making her sleep somewhere else can completely throw off her schedule. It is so nice for her to be able to sleep in her own bed and not have to travel! Plus, we do not have to get a babysitter for Berkley, and he can stay home too! ...two very spoiled kids we have!

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Deana said...

Of course, GiGi loves every minute of it. and I think hadlea named me GiGi not Grammie!!!!!!

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