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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what she's saying wednesday

Hadlea is starting to talk more and more. Just when I think she cannot get any funnier, she learns something new! I thought I would start a little "What She's Saying Wednesday" to make sure I am keeping up with everything she is saying...
  • "Momma. Love you too, Momma" (She says this for dadda, bubba, etc. She has to say 'Love you too'. She never leaves out the 'too'!)
  • "Jus-in" (She has started calling her dadda Jus-in (Justin). Maybe she hears me yell at him alot! Ha!)
  • "Sit. Stay. Lay down momma" (When she wants any of us to lay down so she can cover us up like her babies.)
  • "Hi Babies. Swing? Huh? Huh babies? Babies swing? Babies nigh-nigh? Rock? How-eee (Hadlea) Rock? O-tay" (This is a complete conversation she had with her baby the other day. The baby was in her swing. She had just woke up, went in the living room. Said, "Hi Babies". She got down on her knees to be eye level with her baby. She said, "swing?" Like, "Are you swinging?". Then she says, "huh?" {where did she learn the word huh? I am thinking I say it to her when I cannot understand her! Hilarious what they pick up!} Then she starts like a series of questions, "do you want to swing, do you want to go night night?" Then she says, "Rock?"  And then Hadlea rock. She has been calling herself How-eee and will speak in third person!)
  • "Ouch" (She thinks it is so funny to say ouch! Really not sure what the obsession is or if she just thinks it is a funny word. She will say it and laugh. She will throw her babies on the floor, say "Ouch", then kiss them to make them all better!
  • "Mize" (or mine - EVERYTHING is 'hers' these days... even Berkley's toys are 'mize'!)
saying all of her loves...

She thinks her Jus-in dadda is the GREATEST!

1 comment:

Emily said...

hi, babies!

ha ha ha - LOVE that!!!

The photo of her and Justin is too cute. That's quite the look she's giving him. :-)

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