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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

weekend with A&A and R&H...

I feel like our weekends are so busy that I spend the week days trying to get caught up on the blog and around the house! Justin and I have both been working alot... him in the evenings and me after H goes to bed. I am so thankful I have a job where I can work out of my house and somewhat set my own hours. I do have to be available 8am-5pm, but after that, I can be with Hadlea and then finish whatever is needed when she is sleeping!

So...on to catching you up on our weekend! Ha!

Aunt Amanda called last week and asked if they could have Hadlea Friday afternoon. I met Alan at the daycare for him to pick her up and trade cars. They then went off to meet Aunt Amanda and head to the country club to swim!

They were both great at sending me pictures and keeping me updated! I trust A&A with H 100%! ...honestly, I trust anyone that I let watch Hadlea 100% or they wouldn't be watching her! But I know she is SO MUCH WORK! This girl doesn't sit still and is constantly into something! I just feel so bad sometimes because I don't want her to overwhelm anyone! Like she will scare them off and they will never want her again! Does that make sense?! But, I guess they know her really well and maybe feel like they just don't have enough 'overwhelming' in their life and they just need to add a little more! Ha!

All joking aside... I know she had a great time! They had picked up a vanity set, and Aunt Amanda sent me the middle pic saying 'all girl'! I guess she LOVED putting on her nail polish as lipstick!
While they were at the pool, Justin and I finished working and headed to run some errands! We have been looking for an elliptical.... hopefully to be used by both of us and not to become a clothes hanger! Ha! I guess we will see! After some looking and some shopping, we met A, A and H for dinner!

Hadlea didn't have a nap and was starting to melt when we got home! No doubt she was warn completely out. We played for a bit with some 'boons' (balloons) that Nana had got her and brought on Thursday. Then it was bath and bed time!
Saturday morning, we got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and waited on the cousins...
Dadda went to meet Aunt Leslie and pick up Riley and Hannah! Hadlea was SO excited to see them! She LOVES Riley (or Ry-Ry as it sounds). Everything Riley did was funny! He could carry her around and put on her shoes. No one else was allowed to touch her!
We played for a bit at home before leaving to hit Chick-fil-a for lunch! Yum! The kids loved it and got in some play time.

From there, we met Aunt Amanda back at the country club for some swimming! {we had told the kids we were taking them to the lake, but the more I thought about it, the more nervous I got! 3 kids with 2 adults on a boat... all 3 kids are like fish in the lake. just too many drownings lately to make me rethink the idea!}

Riley and Hannah both know just about ANYTHING goes at Uncle Justin and Aunt Hova's house! ...kind of like being at your grandparents! You can do anything as long as you will not get hurt or hurt anyone... I was kind of afraid to tell them that we weren't going to the lake... although, had they begged, I know where we would have ended up! But, when I mentioned diving boards and slides.... they were sold!
They had a great time! The pool is beach front so there is a little small area for H to walk right in and play with her toys! She loved it just as much too!
Uncle Alan had been playing golf and joined us once he was finished!
We were having the hardest time keeping the sun screen out of Hadlea's eyes! I have used the same kind all summer and never had a problem with it! I use spf 85! She tans SO easily and gets so dark SO fast so I do what I can to protect her skin! I just don't know what the issue was with it running everywhere!

We decided to leave since she was starting to lose it and was ready for a nap! We stopped at Sonic for some ice cream to cool off! Hadlea had fun sharing with everyone! Once we got home and she went down, we got out the slip and slide for the kids!
With the temperature being 105, we didn't last long! We headed back in for more drinks and snacks.... and a little PlayStation with Uncle J!
We were going to grill out that evening, but it was just too miserable. We ordered pizza and played with H! We all had baths/showers, more snacks and playtime! My two sweet girls wanted cheese sticks!
Do you remember going to your grandparents house and they would feed you whatever you wanted and however you wanted it?! Well... Riley and Hannah wanted to sit in high chairs to eat! I tell them they can NEVER grow up and ALWAYS have to remain my babies... so I guess they will take it literally! And I am fine with that... whatever it takes for them to always love me! Ha!
Riley and Berkley also got some snuggle time! Ry was so happy that Berkley wanted to cuddle! He didn't want anyone coming into the living room until Berkley was asleep. He was SO afraid he would run off! So I got R a popsicle and we let them cuddle! :-)
We all have to split up at bedtime. Hannah and I slept in my room and Riley and Justin went to the spare bedroom! I love going to bed with those two and talking before we all fall asleep! They can come up with the funniest stories!

Sunday morning, we all got up, dressed and headed to meet Nana and Rusty for church! H wore her new dress from Nan!
It was such a fun weekend! I love those two kids like they are my very own! And anytime their momma wants to hand them over, I will take them! ;-) Thanks for letting me have them Les... and thank you Riley-Biley and Hannan-Banana for coming to stay. Justin, Hadlea, Berkley and I love and miss you very much!

After church, we all went out to lunch and the kids went with Nana and Rusty. We took Hadlea home for a nap and then went to Bass Pro and to dinner. Justin has a fishing tournament coming up and he needed just a 'few' things... which I am sure turned into a basket of things but who is counting, right?! Ha!

I was checking the weather Sunday evening to see if there was even a CHANCE of rain in sight... it is so miserably hot in Oklahoma right now with NO rain! We were even hotter than southern Texas last week! I think there is definitely something wrong with that! And as you can tell... there isn't much of a change in the next week!

Also, if you can tell... the high for Sunday was 105... at 6PM it was 106! Issues... there are just so many issues with that!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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