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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a week recap...

I am having the hardest time getting into blogging. I guess my blog being private and creepy people deciding to steal my pictures has put be in a blogger funk! We have had a really fun week at home so I do want to share. But I do still owe alot of you the post telling you how we found out someone stole the pictures. I promise that post soon since so many of you have asked!

But onto my most prized possession... {and I guess who wouldn't want pictures of her! If she were someone else's, I might just steal their pictures too! Ha! jk.}

Monday of last week, I got Hadlea out an outfit of this black shirt, some little shorts and sandals. The shorts were too tight so I went to trade them for something else. She came out of her room with these jean shorts (which have pink and orange on them), socks and these leather shoes, which I think should be winter shoes. She put her own shorts on, wanted help with the socks and then put her own shoes on. She was READY to go! I swear she looked like a little hobo kid! And because she was SO proud of herself, I wasn't about to cause a fight! I just let the daycare girl know I DID NOT dress her! Ha! {And yes, I will be THAT mom that will let her wear her princess dress to Target, if she wants. I just do NOT think there is a need to fight it! :)}
And picture number two is from Tuesday's daycare. I dressed her in a cute dress, sandals and a BIG bow! Just to make myself feel better about Monday! Ha!

Wednesday morning as she was waking up! I LOVE waking Hadlea up in the mornings. It is probably my favorite part of the day. We spend about 10-15 minutes just playing in her crib. She has to get the last few 'sucks' on her paci before leaving them for the day. Can you count the paci's in this picture?! Ha!
I picked up Hadlea early from daycare on Thursday. There are just some days I miss her so much during the day that I CANNOT wait to get off and get her. As busy as she keeps me, she is definitely my sanity! I feel like half of my body is missing when she isn't around. We stopped at Sonic for some ice cream. YUM!
 Thursday evening, Grammie arrived and I headed off to say good-bye to my sweet cousin, James. He was the current Offensive Graduate Assistant at Tulsa University and was offered the same position at LSU under Les Miles and Steve Kragthorpe. Coach K was James' coach at TU when he was the QB. I know this is a great opportunity for him, but I will definitely miss having him in Tulsa! 
Me/Stephanie, James/Alan, James/Stephanie, Alan/Amanda
Friday while I worked, Grammie and H hit the splash park! This is her new 'cheese'.... arms stretched out as far as possible. Where does she come up with this stuff?!
Saturday morning, Justin had a fishing tournament so Grammie, H and I got dressed, played with LOTS of babies and then headed to the Affair of the Heart, which is a giant craft/gifts/clothes show. It has tons of handmade things, vendors, etc. (...and I think there is a reason this was my first one to attend after living here 10 years. Those woman are CRAZY! And taking a 1 year old to fight through crowds of those women is just as crazy!)
Hadlea has ALWAYS been in to babies, but I think in the last month, they have started consuming her every moment! Like she can barely get dressed/eat/drink/bathe without one in hand! She spends every moment that she is awake putting her babies to sleep, feeding them, swinging them, rocking them and reading to them. And she says, "Oh nigh-nigh babies" about a million times a day! I gave her some of her baby blankets, but I think they are too big for her to spread out so she steals ALL of my kitchen towels and our wash cloths. I now get to wash every single kitchen towel, hand towel and wash cloths every couple of days! But hey... whatever keeps her occupied! :) Plus, her dadda and I CANNOT get enough of our little mommy!
After the Affair of the Heart, we headed to lunch!
And then back to our new favorite spot, the Country Club! I just love the beach front of the pool. It allows Hadlea to walk around and play, and I do not have to fear her falling in with each step she takes! (Thanks to A and A for allowing us to go!)
Saturday evening, Grammie said she would watch H if Justin and I wanted to go out! Of course we took her up on it and headed out. We had planned dinner and a movie, but by the time we were done with dinner, the movie didn't start for an hour. We drove around looking at new homes and then headed back home. Hadlea was already in bed... I was secretly hoping she wasn't! :) We ended up watching a movie my SIL had let us borrow, Just Go With It featuring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It ended up being pretty good. A typical Adam Sandler movie, but I love him. He can really do no wrong in my book!

Sunday morning, Grammie was up and gone before we all got out of bed. Once we were all up and had breakfast, we got ready for church! More of Hadlea's 'cheese' expressions...
After church, we grabbed lunch and came home to play and rest. After all, it was 106 degrees. One time I opened the back door to get something, Hadlea stuck her head out and said, "no. hot" and shut the door on me. If this little girl doesn't want to go outside, you know there is a problem!
But she had no problem sitting with dadda and buying music on iTunes! She would start jamming out to anything he played!
And after naptime, it was more time with her babies! I had picked them all up during naptime so she loved to snuggle up with them when she got up! She looked at the pile and said , "oh. silly babies".
Later in the evening, we met Aunt Amanda to look at something, made a Lowes stop, picked up dinner and headed home to.... you guessed it, play with babies!

Hadlea is becoming more and more like a little mother each day. Well, besides the times that she throws the babies on the ground yelling, "ouch. babies", but then her motherly instincts kick back in as she starts kissing their boo boos. Silly little girl she is. So many times she about makes my heart explode clear out of my chest. I just love her more than there are words to express... and her dadda and bubba too.

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