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Monday, July 25, 2011

project 365 - week 29

You can find week 28 here!

Day with Gigi! While Gigi was in town and Dadda was fishing, us girls headed to Affair of the Heart, to the Country Club for a swim and back home to play with our 'babies'! Dadda and I went out to dinner and back home for a movie while Gigi watched H!
Sunday at home! We got up, headed to church, picked up lunch to bring home, played with babies, took naps, played with babies, went to see Auntie Amanda and back home to play with more babies! :) This is Hadlea's safe haven with all of her babies!
Goss! (gross). Hadlea and I played outside for a bit while dadda worked late. She was playing with cups in her pool and with her water table. She kept getting grass on her and yelling "goss" (for gross)! the snarl on her face!
Sprinklers! We normally wait until Hadlea is in bed to put out the sprinklers because you cannot keep her out of them. She will run in... clothes and all!
My little alarm clock! This was the only picture I took this day. I tell Justin everyday at 11AM Berkley sits like this by my office chair. I normally try to take lunch or run errands around 11AM. If I am not going to be anywhere for very long, he rides with me wherever I am going. I guess I have done this for so long, he now has his internal clock tell me when it is 11AM!
Reading to our baby! Every night before bed Hadlea and I read two books. She is getting where she knows what is coming in a couple of the books and will start talking about some of the pages before we even get there! It is so funny to see her little mind work! This night, she told me to "sit" and she read her baby and I a book! Bossy little thing she is!
Ready for the lake! Hadlea helped Dadda and I get the boat ready for the lake this past weekend! She LOVES being on the boat and talks about it the entire time it is at our house if we are not in it! No doubt she is going to be a lake bum just like the rest of us!

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