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Sunday, July 17, 2011

project 365 - week 28

You can find week 27 here!

Weekend with the cousins! Riley and Hannah came to stay for the weekend! We spent the day swimming at the country club with Alan and Amanda. Hadlea was in heaven with the undivided attention from the cousins!
Church Day! Justin, Riley, Hannah, Hadlea and I met Rusty and Nana at church and then went to lunch. We then came home for nap and then to Bass Pro and out to dinner. Hadlea was lovin' wearing her new boots!
July 11: No Picture! :( We went to worked, H went to daycare and then while dadda worked late, Hadlea and I spent the evening playing!

Watching dadda mow! After work, I went to the gym and dadda picked up Had from daycare. Dadda came home and made lasagna (he IS the best!) and then he went out to mow. Hadlea and I enjoyed Popsicles while we watched him!
Park day! Hadlea and I went to the park after work and daycare while dadda worked late again! We picked up Chick-fil-a and had a picnic. We ended up being the ONLY ones at the park... my guess is because it was HOT and 105 degrees! But, we found a slide in the shade and Hadlea loved it!
Saying good-bye! Justin had a fishing tournament and Grammie was in for a visit, so I went to a get together for my cousin, James. He was the GA (Graduate Assistant) at TU (Tulsa University) and was recently offered the same position under Les Miles at LSU. As much as I HATE him leaving, I know this is a great opportunity!
Splash park! While I was working, Hadlea and Grammie hit the splash park in our town! She LOVES it... although I am not 'lovin' her always trying to drink the water... GROSS! That evening, Grammie, Dadda, Hadlea and I went to dinner before dadda left for his fishing tournament. G, H and I then went to do a little shopping!

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Emily said...

Oh my, Asher drinks water from ANY source - pools, fountains, bath, etc. Gah. I have to watch him all the time! The splash park looks so fun!

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