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Saturday, July 02, 2011

project 365 - week 26

You can find week 25 here!

Basquez Bash! We spent the day at Rusty and Nana's with the Basquez side of the family! ...having lunch, playing games, jumping in the bounce house and riding the horse! Hadlea had a great day with her cousins!

Sunday Funday! We went to church, and Hadlea was so proud of her dress! Dadda and I told her how cute she looked several times, and she no doubt believed it! After church, we ate lunch, took naps and end the day swimming and having dinner with Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda!
Painted Piggies! Hadlea's very first painted toes. Hannah, her daycare teacher, said she didn't nap one day and seemed bored so she painted her toenails. I have no idea how Hannah got her to be still, but they look great!
Swimming and dinner with the Roumbanis family! Fred, Julie and Jackson invited us over for a swim in their neighborhood pool and then we stayed for dinner! Always a fun time with those 3!
New boots! I picked up Hadlea some new boots. She was so proud to take her picture in them, but of course, bubba had to join too!
Sno cones! Hadlea and I went for sno cones after daycare! She was in heaven (and momma was going crazy because it was staining every inch of her body!)
Cheese! Hadlea was dressed and ready for daycare. She is LOVING having her picture taken every day. She is just so silly!


emily said...

She is absolutely adorable (sno-cone stains and all)! I love the pedicure...way to start her off right! :)

Janelle said...

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey. I love your daughter's clothes! She is dressed so cute and looks like such a doll!

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