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Friday, July 29, 2011

new purchases...

Well... this first one isn't really a purchase, but Nana may feel like she was bought as a slave by a 1 year old! Hadlea likes to sit in the recliner and rock her babies, but since she cannot really make the chair rock, she wants you to 'SIT' beside her and rock her and her baby! Goodness... she is so bossy! Sorry, Nana! :)
Diapers. I found a coupon online and ordered a bunch of diapers the other day.... 471 diapers to be exact! Grammie and I split the order. I was just so tired of getting a box here or there. I ordered from on Friday and they got here Tuesday. My kind of shipping!
I have been in to anything Pomegranate lately so one day while picking some stuff up at the liquor store, I ran into these! They are amazing! I am more of a beer drinker and anything else. I do not really like anything too sweet... and these aren't. Definitely recommend...
Meat. This is a deep freeze of hamburger, steaks, roasts, etc. My dad farms for a living so he has his own cattle butchered. I cannot honestly tell you how much better home grown meat is rather than buying it at the store! Such a huge difference! I never buy meat from a store unles I am compeltely out... which I havce been for the last 3 weeks. It was a killer to find something that is not hamburger related... (chicken makes me crazy to cook because I never know when it is done. Don't laugh!) It is also nice not to have to run to the store just to get meat to make something! Nothing better than a 1/3 of a cow in your freezer... Ha!
Bows and Rompers. My mom found and we decided to make an order. Everything was so cheap that we were not sure of the quality. I bought a black petti romper not to long ago and paid $30 for it. I found these two for $8.50, I think. The bows are 4 inch bows and were only $.90... yes, NINETY CENTS! They are not the best quality and do not have clips, but you can buy a box of clips at Hob Lob for $2. Super great stuff... only thing I have noticed is they sale out FAST!
And our biggest and best purchase of the week... the iPad2. We have been debating on this little thing for a year or more now! I have been letting Hadlea play a few games on my laptop and I knew it would be easier for her to play on the iPad. Plus, I am a techno junkie and can play with gadgets I am not sure we NEEDED this little thing, but I am loving it! We got the white 32 gig. Hadlea is loving the camera since she can see herself. I will have to get some pictures posted!

1 comment:

Emily said...

"Alcohol is IN IT!" ha ha ha - that made me laugh and laugh. :-)

Looks delicious!

So...I assume we're all invited over for pom drinks and steaks this weekend, right? I'll be a plus 2. Thanks.

Those rompers are TOO CUTE! A great deal makes them even cuter. :-)

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