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Thursday, July 21, 2011

hadlea's latelys...

I feel like I sometimes get stuck on documenting our daily lives that I do not document what Hadlea is actually doing/saying... She is a FULL BLOWN motor mouth! She is constantly talking, jabbering, singing, counting, etc. She is a GREAT communicator. I may not understand every single word, but for the most part, she can tell us exactly what she wants... or boss us around enough to tell us what she wants us to do! Never in my life did I think I would be answering to a 19 month old... Oh well... I LOVE every second of it!
I think the two things we get compliments on the most besides "she is cute" and "she has amazing skin" would be that she is BUSY and a great communicator.

She gets funnier by the day! ...always doing something to make someone laugh.
Here are just a few things she is up to lately:
  • She is a LOVER! (add in the occasional tantrum here and there... and by occasional, I mean every other hour, but who is counting... right?!) She will hug and kiss her babies, her momma, dadda and bubba like no other! MELT.MY.HEART!
  • She loves LOVIN' on her babies. Right now she is in to putting them to sleep.. "nigh-nigh" (there is no 't' in night!). And they HAVE to be laying face down completely covered with a kitchen towel, hand towel or wash cloth. Do NOT think about laying them on their back!
  • Says "Bess you momma", "Bess you dadda" or "Bess you bubba" after any of us sneeze or cough. She will even fake cough and say "Bess you Babies". (She has said "bess you" for quite some time, but she will now add a name. I am loving that she is putting more words together!)
  • She calls everything "Babies". Like "hi babies", "love you babies", "ouch babies".... and this will even be when she is NOT talking to her babies! We went out to eat the other night and an older couple was in a booth next to us and she waves at them and says, "Hi Babies"! They both laughed so hard! She will even call Justin and I babies.
  • She LOVES to give knuckles. But if she gives them to one person, she has to give them to EVERYONE around. I think we should add it to her OCD traits! Ha!
  • She has to hug, kiss, give 5s, knuckles or shake to Berkley if we ask her for one of them. We have been shaking hands so she will start doing it in church. If she has to do it, then Berkley has to do it too! Before bed every night we all hug, kiss, say good-night and I love you. Once she does all of these to her dadda and I, Berkley is soon to follow!
  • I don't think we are too far from potty training. She sits on the toilet every night before getting in the bath. She has yet to go, but is so proud of herself to get up there and set. She also has to get down, wipe and throw the tp in the toilet. It really is funny to watch!
  • She has started trying to put her own diapers on herself or me! She cannot stand to be wet. So once she is, she will go get a diaper and bring it to us. One day last week, I caught her naked which she had removed her own pants and diaper and was standing up with a new diaper between her legs trying to put it on. She was so proud of herself! Once, I was sitting in the floor, and she tried pushing me over and started putting a diaper down the back of my pants! Silly girl!
  • She loves putting diapers on her babies!
  • She has developed the LOUDEST scream/squeal... it could possibly burst your ear drums! She will do it when she is excited, when she wants to our attention or when she is extremely mad!
  • She is loving being CHASED! She will hide in our bedrooms (sometimes in the dark) and scream our names to 'fine me' (find me) and once we go in there, she will run and want us to catch her! She will giggle like no other.
  • She screams 'watch' when she wants to show us something.
  • She says "ready. set. go" before she runs or jumps.
But my FAVORITE thing she is doing right now:
  • Saying "Love you momma" WITHOUT me saying it first! We were getting ready for daycare one morning this week. She was sitting in my lap so I could put her shoes on and she just blurted it out... "LOVE YOU MOMMA"! I swear I started crying like a big ol' baby and wanted to hold her the rest of the day! It took everything I had to send her to school! With that... we started through everyone's names... Love you dadda, bubba, grammie, poppa, nana, rusty, etc....
I am not sure what I did before her. Where in the world was the other half of my heart... my sole?! I love her dadda and her bubba like no other too, but the LOVE for my baby girl just doesn't compare to anything in this world! And like my momma used to tell me... she will never understand until she has her own!

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Emily said...

Love this list! It's so hard to remember what they were doing later, so these memories are special to record.

She said that she loves you?!! That's awesome!!! I can't wait until Asher starts talking more and can say that to us - so sweet. :-)

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