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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So obviously if you are reading this, you know I have went private with my blog. Thanks to the creeps that have nothing better to do than steal peoples photos to use as their own. We are pretty sure they are fake accounts. They were reported to Facebook and have since been removed.

This has happened to TONS of bloggers. So many blogs I follow have went private because of these same issues. I know people using my photos isn't the end of the world. I know they are not stealing my identity, but the fact they are stealing pictures of MY daughter is SO overwhelming! Why on earth would someone do that!? It feels so violating!

Until I can decide what I am going to do, I will stay private. I plan to atleast change my blog name to ensure it doesn't mention our last name or where we are from.

I started my blog years ago as a journal for Justin and I. Once Hadlea came along, I started using it as a scrapbook of her life! I LOVE looking back on posts and the memories we have made in her short life!

Thanks for your understanding! Not sure how much I will be blogging because I am still kind of bitter and pissed, but I will atleast be posting about our weekend with my niece and nephew in the next few days!

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