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Thursday, July 14, 2011

continue to vote!

I know some of you have continued to vote for Ms H on the TulsaKids Magazine cover contest. If you aren't, please go HERE.

You only need to enter your name, city, zip code and email. They are not using your information, only trying to determine where people are voting from.

You can vote as many times a say as you like! So... how about each of you go vote like 20 times... or 20 times a day for the next two weeks! Ha! Okay, only joking. Kind of. I seriously voted 82 times one evening. I feel like I have to vote as many times as possible because I really do not know who else is voting. And I feel like as her mother, I have to give her a fair chance to win! Sounds normal, right?! Well... go vote!
And just so you know, I will NEVER ask you to vote for Hadlea for anything again! I am OVER voting! Or I am hoping I will never have to. As a mother, I have learned to 'Never Say Never'! I have definitely stuck my own foot in my mouth a few times regarding parenthood and how much I 'thought' I knew! :)

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