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Sunday, July 10, 2011

cheese & names

I have wrote a few times about Hadlea wanting her picture taken every morning. I am completely fine with that... and praying that she continues to do it until she moves out of my house! Ha!

Earlier this week, Hadlea wasn't acting like she felt 100%. I kept her home on Wednesday since work wasn't overly busy. We got in ALOT of play time! Several times through the day, she would run onto the fireplace and say, "Cheese" wanting me to take her picture. I decided to get a little on film. Definitely my fav...
I still cannot stop laughing after watching that video 100x! She just has the funniest personality! After watching a couple of videos, she said, "oh no. no bow"! And we immidately had to get one in her hair! That's my girl! ;-)

I was kind of getting tired of the 'cheesing' after 15 videos, so we decided to name some of the family!
She does really well pointing out people in pictures. Even though she cannot say all of their names, I honestly think she knows who most of them are! Good thing she is a motor mouth to begin with... she has alot of people learn!


Jessica said...

That is SO cute! Averly does the same thing if she doesn't have a bow!

Anonymous said...

stopping by from Jenna's. We also have a little girl who was born in May 2010 so a few months younger. We were also married in 2003 as well.

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