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Friday, July 01, 2011

and more VOTING!

Hadlea made the Top 10 finalists to be on the cover of TulsaKids Magazine!

As excited as I am to know she made the Top 10, I am REALLY annoyed! Today, they were supposed to announce the WINNER(S). Instead, we now have to vote through the month of July.

I think it would be awesome to see my sweet baby girl on a cover of a magazine, but I am not sure I can really ask anyone else to vote... WELL, anyone that doesn't read my blog! {lucky you!} Because, you know... bloggers just have a different relationship! Ha! Plus,  you all see her daily and probably feel like you know her! ...much like I feel about some of your kids that I have NEVER met... and probably never will! Ha!

So... if you can, please click HERE and VOTE through the month of July to see her sweet face on the cover! You do not have to have Facebook to do this vote! (And family members... please feel free to share or enter votes for others! {hint. hint.})

And I really do promise, if you will vote and want a copy, I will mail you one! of charge! So see... you actually get something in return! {again, lucky you!}
Happy Voting!
And Happy 4th of July weekend!


Annie said...

I voted!! H is totally the cutest kid!!

Anonymous said...


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