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Friday, July 08, 2011

4th of july weekend... part 2

Monday morning, Justin woke up early and headed to get Berkley! He stays at a doggie daycare in Bixby. Momma Kelly, as she calls herself, LOVES to keep Berkley... and he LOVES to stay there! But we are always the happiest to have him HOME!

Once dadda was home and Hadlea was up, we spent some time unpacking from the weekend on the lake. Hadlea thought she needed to watch her DVD Player in the house. Because clearly, Blues Clues isn't as good on the home tv as it is on the DVD Player...
Our Blues Clues Bummmm
Once we were unpacked and had showers, we headed out for lunch! I was CRAVING Mexican food. Justin doesn't really care for Mexican food (strange...seeing how he IS Mexican), but he always gives in when I BEG long enough! :-)
Once we got back from lunch and a few errands, it was nap time for Ms H!
I tried and tried to get a really great picture of her in her new dress from Nana! She just wasn't having it! Although... I do LOVE this face...
and those boots!
probably my favorite!
She would run around in her boots yelling, "fas. fas. fas" (for fast, fast, fast)! I guess they made her run REALLY fast! Ha!
She was trying to find her dadda, who was outside, she just wasn't looking in the right place! But I LOVE the back of this dress... and the way she has her foot tipped... The littlest things she does just melts my heart!
Then, we brought out the fireworks! Or the poppers. She LOVED everything about them. And went through 10 boxes! She threw them for a while and then decided she would just drop them and stop on them with her boots! That made her laugh like CRAZY!
And if you make a mess, you must clean it up! jk... she is such a big helper!
But it was ALOT of work, so she needed a snack break!
And I guess she was tired of running fast, so she got out her 4-wheeler!
watching some worms!
We had such a great day with our little family! There were tons of people around the neighborhood outside, so it was great to see people and catch up!
We cooked out on the grill for dinner, played a little more and once H went to bed, Justin brought out the BIG fireworks! I was almost positive they would wake her up, but to my surprise, she slept through it all!


Jenna said...

Looks like you had a fun filled fourth!!!

Thank you for participating in the challenge!

Annie said...

love, love, love that little dress!!!

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