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Thursday, July 07, 2011

4th of july weekend... part 1

4th of July weekend was packed full! Friday night, we spent the evening buying groceries and packing! Once Saturday rolled around, we headed for the lake!

My Uncle David (dad's brother) and Aunt Brenda (my godmother) have a place on Kaw Lake. Most of the family meets their for the summer holidays. Now remember... my dad has 11 brothers and sisters. The crowd can sometimes get LARGE! But we LOVE it!

We rolled out around 9AM... cannot forget our 'babies'!
Hadlea is sometimes hard to travel with in the morning! She just wants to run around. We have to have plenty of things to keep her occupied... the DVD player doesn't always cut it! She will normally last a long time 'drawing' on her aquadoodle.
Once we got to the lake, got the boat loaded and waited on my baby brother and his gf, Erica, we were all hot, sweaty and ready to swim!
Kaw Lake is the lake I went to in high school! It is always like a high school and surrounding high school's reunion! Always great to see old friends!
my hubby and me.
Hadlea found this bucket in her room and had been carrying it around for two days saying, "wata. san" (for water and sand). She was DYING to get some water and sand in her bucket! We even had to take it to daycare on Friday! :) Although she still isn't quite sure about the sand touching any part of her body... she still had a great time!
After getting off of the lake, we headed to Dave and Brenda's where we cooked out, and Hadlea got to play with her cousins! I think it is so awesome that my baby gets to play with my cousin's babies! I know they will make the greatest memories!
Riley. Maddy. Hadlea. Lily
Gigi, Had and I took a wagon ride to visit some other friends!
Hadlea started wearing down pretty early. I thought she would make it to watch fireworks, but by 9PM, she was ready for bed! She went right to sleep, only to wake up a couple of hours later SCREAMING! I first thought she had a stomach ache, then I thought she may have an ear ache and then I wondered if she was just exhausted from being in the heat all day with no nap!
We rocked in the camper, rocked on the front porch of the house, got a snack, rocked some more. We talked, laughed, she cried. She was just a mess. She didn't know what she wanted! The last time I looked at my clock it was 4AM. She went to sleep sometime after that. Hadlea, dadda and I all slept until 10AM. We were all zombies the next day!
But still ready to hit the lake anyway! The lake makes all of your problems go away, right?!
We spent alot more time relaxing on Sunday and less of driving around trying to find people or visiting. We found a beach that was pretty empty. We floated, played catch with a football and built H some sand castles! ...Bud Light flag in the top and all! Ha!
When we were in the boat, Hadlea was playing in her personal swimming pool! She LOVES her duck to be filled up so she can dump all of the water out with her cup! ... whatever keeps her entertained is fine by me! {her uncle jake thinks she is BEYOND spoiled for having a pool on the boat on the lake! Ha!}
She also loves to wave at boats and/or fish!
jake and justin
ericka and jake
While we were hanging at our own personal beach, some of our family called and they came to join us!

Maddy (in blue vest), Shelly (pink swimsuit and she has had FOUR kids. yup, she makes me sick too!), Lily (yellow floaty), Hadlea, Me, Brenda (my Godmother).
Uncle Dave, Hadlea, Justin and I (and I guess I forgot to open my eyes!)
Our little family.
Taylor (cousin), Jake (brother), Justin (cousin), Gary (Uncle), Nick (cousin), Sharon (Uncle's gf)
Shelly and I with our babies!
After getting in some great quality family time, we headed home! Some little girl was TIRED! were her parents!
I think the 4th of July is my second favorite holiday... right behind Christmas! I LOVE the lake and I LOVE my family... putting them together for an entire weekend = HEAVEN!

I kind of felt like this was picture overload, so I split out July 4th! We had an awesome relaxing day filled with food, fireworks, and just my family of 3 + Berkley! More on that tomorrow...


Anna & Kirby said...

Thanks for stopping by...
Your little family is too cute! I love you bathing suit :)

Kelly said...

Great pictures! Looks like everyone had fun. I love the lake too!
P.S. I could only wish my body looked like yours on the lake ;) You look amazing!

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