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Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend in duncan

Hadlea and I have been quite the travelers the past couple of weekends! We have been in southern Oklahoma, northern Oklahoma and Kansas. I think we are both ready for a weekend without travel! She was great on both trips... thanks to Blues Clues that the DVD Player! Ha!

I have so many pictures to share... imagine that! :-) So lots of posts to come!

Last weekend, Hadlea and I headed to Duncan (southern Oklahoma) to my grandparents house (mom's parents). I picked her up from daycare, came home to play and eat. I thought I would try to wear her out so she would sleep on the 3 hour journey... no such luck! We only had to stop one time for a diaper change and we got a snack. After that, she was pretty good!

I remember being little and arriving at my grandparents, and my granny would have every toy imaginable out and ready for us! And times haven't changed, but this time for Hadlea! :) She had babies, beanie babies, colors and coloring books, and this SUPER fun keyboard! Hadlea was jammin' out and dancing to her own music!
We didn't get Hadlea to bed until late that night. She isn't always the best sleeper when we travel!
The next morning, we got up, had breakfast and started playing! Gigi was in Duncan for a meeting that week before so she stayed the weekend with us too! She went and picked up Hadlea a little pool... I guess and Berkley too, since he enjoys it just as much!
After the pool, Hadlea AND Berkley played with the beanie babies! My granny has 100s... and I mean, HUNDREDS! She used to have a booth where she sold them when they were so popular. She got all 5 grandkids a set of every one that came out that was supposed to be worth money. So I guess we ALL have 100s. I have mine in my attic. I plan to get them out soon and let Hadlea pick some out and then donate some.
For lunch, we headed out for Mexican food! YUM! I would say some little Mexican baby LOVES chips, salsa and queso!
After lunch, we hit the park!
Gigi and Hadlea sliding! The slides were kinda hot so she wouldn't go down them alone.... which I don't blame her! Gigi is always so nice to offer!
Great-granny and Hadlea swinging! Hadlea thought this was super fun! I think this is just super special! How baby babies get to swing with their great-granny?!
After the park, we went home so H could take a nap. It was then more pool time!
After the pool, Gigi and Granny headed to the hospital to visit my Granddad, and then Gigi came back, and I went to visit. He is VERY sick! Not so much physically, but his dementia has taken a really bad turn. They have him in a special place to try to get his medicine under control. We can only visit twice a day for an hour at a time. It is SO hard on my Granny, and I feel so terrible for her! I know I haven't blogged about my Granddad being sick. I think since I hadn't seen him, it was kinda out of site, outta mind. And yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I am SO TERRIBLE with people close to me being sick! I really do not want to talk about it. All I feel like I can do is pray. So that is all I have done. But I know I should also reach out to others and ask for the same... prayer in numbers is definitely the best! So please, if you think about it, please say a prayer for my Granddad and Granny. I know this is the hardest thing they have both ever gone through!
After the hospital, we headed out to take Hadlea's 18 Month pictures. Which I LOVE! :) You can see them here.

4 generations... within two pics! :)
Granny, Hadlea and Gigi walking!
There is just something about this pic I love!
my sweet 18 month old and I
After pictures, we took Hadlea to a park that my brothers and I used to spend HOURS at when we were little. They have a carousel, a little train and one other ride. I think Hadlea rode the carousel about 10 times between Gigi and I!
baby girl and i again!
This park also has two train cars on display. Hadlea tried to climb up the stairs of one as we were leaving... it kind of looked like she was trying to escape! ha!
After the park, we picked up some dinner and headed back to Granny's house to play! Hadlea took a bath and played with her babies. This picture just cracks me up! The pjs, pig tails and baby...
She was sharing her play phone with her baby! Sweet girl! Too bad she doesn't share this well with other kids! Ha!
Reading a book to momma!
Sunday morning, Gigi got up early to head home, so it was just Granny, Hadlea and I for the day! We ate breakfast and headed to a different park! This was another park my little brother and I spent HOURS at when we were little! My grandparents would sit outside and let us play for as long as we wanted. This place is kind of like a HUGE castle with alot of stairs. It had alot of hiding places so Jake and I would play hide-and-go seek. It just brought back so many great memories!
walking with Granny!!
she loved the tire swing!
After lunch when Hadlea started getting sleepy, we headed home! I was so sad to leave my Granny! I know she is so lonely right now without my Granddad! I just pray she finds peace with the situation and isn't lonely at home! I just cannot imagine the feelings she is going through! Just makes me cry thinking about her! I am so thankful I did decide to travel the 3 hours... I know it seems like a HUGE tasks to travel with Hadlea alone that far, but I made it, and Hadlea was almost perfect!

When we got home that evening, Hadlea was SO happy to see her daddy who had been fishing all weekend getting ready for his next tournament! I got out the sprinkler and let her play! Her and Berk both loved it!
Before going for a bath, she said she wanted a snack... Cheetos, turkey, Carmel and apples! I guess she had a little bit of everything! :)
It was a great trip, and again, I am so thankful I decided to go! No task should sound too big to visit family... especially when someone's going through a difficult time!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Prayers for your Granny and Grandad. I know that must be so hard.

On a lighter note, your photos you took turned out amazing!

Also, dOes this week or next still work for you? Email me when you get a chance!

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