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Friday, June 24, 2011

thurs and fri...

I have been working on cleaning out Hadlea's dresser and closet. Oh.My.Word this little girl officially has more clothes than I do! I cleaned out 3 trash bags of 6 through 12 month clothes. I believe it is about time to STOP buying clothes! We have had so many generous people give Hadlea clothes that I am pretty sure I will not have to buy for another year! I am VERY thankful for that... however, I still HAVE to learn that she doesn't.need.a.thing, and that I can stop buying immediately!

Thursday, Nana came to keep Hadlea while dadda fished and I went to the gym and she brings the CUTEST outfits! Nana always has great taste and never fails in the clothes department!

After Nana left, Hadlea and I ate and played before bedtime. Hadlea is in to 'dipping' everything. I made us a salad and some chicken. When I put the chicken on her tray she started saying, 'dip, dip, dip'. I gave her some ketchup to see if she would eat it... and she LOVED it! I don't think I have given her one thing to dip that she hasn't loved.

When we were playing, she found the pot holders and thought they were boots... silly girl!
Friday after work and picking H up from daycare, we headed to the horse races. They have horse races here in Tulsa through June and July. It is free to get in and you can make cheap bets, so always a fun, cheap activity! Hadlea loved it and squealed everytime the 'horsies' ran by!
She loved watching the horses walk around, LOVED some CFA sweet tea and climbing the fence with dadda!
My baby girl.
Goodness... I LOVE her so much! 
And just when I think she is looking JUST like me, she has a day of looking like her dadda!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! We have a weekend full of family and friends! Cannot wait!

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Paige said...

Little girls can pile up clothes like no other! It's amazing all of the toys and such that they can add up as well! I love the photos of you and Hadlea, so precious!

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