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Thursday, June 23, 2011

swimming and robes

Yesterday after work and daycare, we decided to have a nice relaxing night at home! Well... Hadlea and I did! Dadda decided to mow! While he was mowing the front, Hadlea and I went to the backyard to swing. I let her outside and walked back in to get my camera. When I came back out she was in the pool, clothes and all! Oh well... she had fun!

The first picture is her morning picture... since she is in to letting me take one and 'ooking' at it every morning, I will continue to do it until she refuses! Ha!
Once dadda was ready to mow the backyard, Hadlea came in for a bath. A friend of Aunt Leslie's had given H this robe so she wanted to wear her 'monkey'! She thought it was SO funny and had to go outside to show dadda!

She also dropped a book on top of her foot and caused it to bleed. She was telling the monkey about her 'ouch'!
For dinner we had pigs in a blanket. I am not that much of a hotdog fan, but we had tons left over from cooking out with Brandon, Les and the kids the other night. I cut the hotdogs into 3s and rolled them up in crescent roll dough. They were great! And some little girl out ate her dadda and I both! I guess we will be doing those again soon!

Super fun night with the family... the best!

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