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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday, we had a nice relaxing day! We got up and ready for church!

Oh.My.Goodness... there are just some pictures that I see of Hadlea that I can honestly NOT believe she is my baby! She is just the most beautiful thing EVER! How on earth did I ever produce something so gorgeous?! And yes, I know I am MAJORLY biased! :-)
She wore a dress Nana had bought her. Justin and I kept telling her how cute she was and she just beamed from ear to ear! She was more than willing to have her picture taken! She just stood there and said, "Cheese" about 20 times!
I wonder on a daily basis why God thinks I deserve something so perfect!? She is definitely the most perfect gift that anyone could have ever given me! I am just so thankful for her... it just brings me to tears thinking about how thankful I am to Him for her! I mean... really?! They just don't get much more perfect...
And to her... nothing is much more perfect than her bubba! He might disagree or believe otherwise with that face! Ha!
my baby girl and me!
my babies. big and little!
I hadn't take a picture of Justin's Father's Day gift from Hadlea so I made him hold it! She was so proud!
After church, we picked up lunch and brought it home to eat. Justin and Hadlea changed into some comfy clothes for a nap!
She was SO tired, but fought her sleep to the bitter end... at one point, she was asleep sitting up! I could NOT stop laughing watching the monitor!
My other baby needed a nap too! Sweet boy...
After a nap, we headed to Alan and Amanda's to swim. Hadlea is a fish and is not scared in the slightest to jump right in! We definitely have to watch her! Alan and Justin went and picked up dinner so we ate out by the pool! Such a fun evening... and Hadlea is loving A&A more and more!


katie@tulsadetails said...

She really is beautiful!!! So sweet!

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

haha that is pretty funny on the monitor! She is so cute! very photogenic. and I know this is totally delayed but can I tell you how jealous of your beach pics I am? Gosh it looked like PARADISE! I need a vacation in the worst way so I enjoyed living vicariously through you. I would take you bathing suit body too. I'm just saying.

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