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Sunday, June 26, 2011

project 365 - week 25

You can find week 24 here!

Water park and carnival with Gigi! While dadda and I were on our 'adult only' lake weekend, Gigi and Hadlea spent the day at Big Splash and the carnival! Regardless of Hadlea's face here, Gigi said she LOVED it! :)
Happy Father's Day! Hadlea got to spend the afternoon swimming at Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda's! Of course Uncle Alan (her Godfather) spoiled her with a popsicle before she had to go home!
Visit from the cousins! Brandon, Leslie, Riley and Hannah came over for a cookout, to play in the pool and pop some snap fireworks! Hadlea is LOVING Riley and Hannah! And no idea what my niece is doing in this picture... this fits her personality perfect! She is just hilarious!
Ready for daycare! Hadlea was dressed and ready for daycare, but doesn't look like she was really awake!
Swimming in our clothes! After daycare, Hadlea and I went to swing in the backyard, and the next thing I knew she was in the pool... clothes and all! Oh well... clothes wash and she had a great time!
She's a dipper! Hadlea has to dip EVERYTHING these days! First I thought it was fun and new for her and now it drives me crazy! :) We are trying to stop the dipping with every meal! Ha! I gave her ketchup one day just because I was curious... she LOVED it too!
Bettin' on the 'horsies'! Justin, Hadlea and I went to our local fair grounds to watch the horse races! She loved to run around and look at the horses. She wasn't so crazy about them as they ran in front of us, but as soon as they did go by, she was waving them to come back! She always provides just as much entertainment as whatever we are watching! :-)

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