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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

project 365 - week 24

You can find week 23 here!

Happy Birthday Papa and Emery! We went to Kansas to celebrate cousin Emery's 1st birthday. On our way back to Medford, we stopped in Caldwell to eat and celebrate Papa's birthday!
Horney Lorney! Before heading back home, we stopped at the farm so Hadlea could see her cows Papa bought her and meet Horney Lorney!
Drinking from a cup! Hadlea has been practicing drinking from a cup without a straw or lid! She is doing great!
 New pjs! Hadlea spotted these new 'baby' pajamas at Walmart on a grocery run and wouldn't go home without them! She was so proud to wear them after he bath!
Reading books! Hadlea is FINALLY into reading books... and will actually sit still long enough for us to read one the complete way through. She has always been too busy to sit through an entire book! She is loving to ready 'oo' (two) books before going to bed every night!
New clothes! We have the most generous family and friends! I have had two different people pass on clothes to Hadlea this month! (My SIL's friend Jennifer and a high school friend, Brandi) I always think it is so sweet for others to think of Hadlea! I just thought these pink jean shorts and top made her look so old!
Best Friends! Hadlea is LOVING Berkley more and more everyday! My sweet baby boy just goes with it! Anytime she gives her dadda and I a kiss, hug, high 5 or knuckles, she has to give 'bubba' one too! He is just so good to answer her every demand!

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Jessica said...

What a big girl drinking from a cup!! :)

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