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Friday, June 17, 2011

project 365 - week 23

You can find week 22 here!
G & G! Hadlea and I got to spend a weekend in Duncan with Granny and Gigi! To say she was completely spoiled is a complete understatement!  We had a great weekend, and I am so glad we got in some quality time with Granny and a visit to Grandad!
Park time! Before leaving Duncan on Sunday,  Granny, Hadlea and I hit a couple of parks. Hadlea is just a wild child at the parks... running everywhere! I just love this picture of her walking with her great-granny! So special!
Dandelions! Hadlea has discovered dandelions... pulling them and blowing them. It is just so funny! She normally gets them too close to her mouth and ends up with half of it in her mouth!
Remote controls with dadda! Hadlea is really into cousin Riley's remote controls. Justin would drive the truck across the driveway, and Hadlea would chase it. Once she caught it, she would carry it back to her dadda. Tough girl seeing how it is almost as big as she is!
Swimming! Hadlea and I went to Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda's one day after work and daycare to swim! We stayed for dinner and had a great time catching up!
Happy 1 1/2 birthday! Hadlea and I got Sonic slushes and headed to the splash park! She loved it!
4-wheelers with Papa! Hadlea and I went to Medford to celebrate Papa's birthday! He brought the 4-wheeler in from the farm so she could ride. She loved it and loved waving as they drove by the house!


Emily said...

Ha ha - I love the photo of her waving from the 4-wheeler! It such a hilarious contrast of a pink skirt, pink bow wearing little girl on the back of a dirty ATV. love it!!

Emily said...

Oh and I love your new background and header. Gray and yellow are my fav right now!

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