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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

project 365 - week 22

Another daily vote needed for Hadlea. You can go to TulsaKids Magazine on Facebook to VOTE!

You can find week 21 here!

Using the new camera! I took a camera class with Addie Scott Photography with 5 other girls. Once I got home, I tried out my new skills on Hadlea! ...of course a snow cone to keep her still! :) LOVE her eyes!
First lake day of they year! We headed out on to Skiatook Lake with the Madera family! Hadlea LOVED the water... although we had no doubts!
First pig tails! OMGoodness.... sweetest thing to date! :) If you wanna know what I looked like as a baby... here ya go! I have found a couple pictures of myself with pigtails where I looked exactly like this! I really need to scan in some pics for a comparison!
Peanut butter. I always read where you didn't give babies peanut butter until they turned two. However, I noticed the daycare gave the kids pb&j's the other day for lunch so I thought I would try it out. I gave Had some peanut butter and crackers for a snack... she loved it and kept asking for "mo. mo. mo"!
Snowcone! Hadlea had her first snowcone of the summer... well, she shared with momma! :) She loved it and gave us this fave to show us her blue tongue!
Love this picture! Her eyes are just so amazing and captivating to me!
Arriving in Duncan to visit Granny and Grandad! Granny got out the keyboard and Hadlea went to town! I do not think we will be getting one of those anytime soon! {and whoever buys her one will end up getting it back asap! :)}

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