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Thursday, June 30, 2011

painted toes & our week so far

**Updated to add a picture of Hadlea and Finley having lunch... thanks to Katie!**

Monday, Hadlea was up and ready for daycare! She wanted to wear her Mr Potato Head glasses for her morning picture, but couldn't figure out how to keep them on! She was crackin' me up!
I picked her up from daycare after work since dadda was working late. I didn't notice until we got home that the girls at daycare had painted her toenails! ...a nice shade of green!? {I do not mind at all that they painted her toes, I just find it funny/strange that they didn't ask. Is that weird?! of me or them?!} I have never painted her nails or toes. I just wasn't ready. Mainly because I thought they would look terrible since she doesn't hold still for more than 2 minutes at a time. But, they actually look good. And cute! And she LOVED them! She was so proud and kept showing us "toes, toes". So I guess that's all that matters! :)
watching Blues Clues... who else?!
our current problem.
finger in nose! Grosses.Me.Out!
Tuesday, I got off of work and headed to pick up H from daycare. We went straight to the Roumbanis' house for a swim and to eat dinner! Dadda came after getting off of work too. We played in their neighborhood... at the splash park, the pool and then while the girls went to cook dinner, the boys walked down to the pond to fish! Jackson caught a really nice fish on his little pole! He was one proud boy!
It was nice to see Fred, Julie and Jackson since they have gone for the past 3 months traveling. Julie is now 6 months pregnant with baby boy, Avery William. Definitely cannot wait to meet his sweet face come the end of September!
Wednesday, I took the day off of work! I hardly ever take off during the middle of the week because the days are so crazy! But, I had forgot to make Hadlea's 18 month appointment. When they called to remind me, the only thing I could get was in the middle of the day. By the time her appt was over, it would be time for a lunch and nap so I couldn't take her straight back to daycare. So... I just took the day off! It was so great to get up and spend the day with this funny face...
She is SO funny! Instead of saying 'cheese' in the picture above she started yelling, 'ooooo'! No idea where she comes up with this stuff!
And of course, anything she does, Berkley has to do it too! She was so proud to take a picture in her new boots with her bubba! She kept getting in his face saying, 'boots. boots'... like he cares if she got some new boots! Ha!
And thanks to Poppa for the boots! I had been wanting to get Hadlea some for a while to wear with a couple of dresses. He had told me a while back he wanted to buy her some, so I picked these up the other day and made sure he got the word that he 'owed' me money! :-) Thanks Poppa!
only if they were a little easier to get on!
Later that morning, we headed to her doctor's appointment. And no better way to keep her busy than to give her a sticker... which she can stick on every body part and name! Ha!
She had to get her last shot until she is 4! PTL! I hate those things so bad! She always cries for a few seconds and then is done! She definitely handles it better than I do! And her stats... long and a woppin' 22 {ALMOST 23} pounds! :)

18 Month Stats:
Length: 32.5 in - 69%
Weight: 22lbs 8oz - 22%
Head: 46cm - 32%

After her appointment, we called Allison and Finley to meet for lunch! We actually got to meet up with her sister, Katie, and Katie's husband, Tommy, too! We met at the Sage Culinary Studio where they have a new Grilled Cheese Melt Bar! It was so amazing! I will definitely be hitting that place again! 
After lunch, we headed to Alan and Amanda's for a swim! The girls were beginning to get tired so the swim didn't last long before they needed a snack! Allison and I got in alot of girl talk, which is always fun! Thanks for meeting us Allison and Ms Fin! Always a great time!
Once we were done swimming, we headed home for nap time. Once H was up (she slept 3 hours. awesome!) and dadda got home, we cooked out on the grill and then played some games and read some books! Fun family evening!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

So fun! It was good to see you and meet Hadlea! I will email you the pics from lunch :)!

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