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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

memorial day weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend pretty much started on Thursday evening when the new boat was delivered! I would say that is a pretty good start! :) Papa and Gigi bought a boat last year, but Papa didn't think it was safe enough for his #1 possession... Hadlea. So Justin and Gigi have been on the hunt for a new one since. I would say this is a pretty good upgrade... very nice!
I worked Friday, but once picking up Hadlea from daycare, we headed to our first blogger play date! Allison and I actually met when we both used Addie Scott Photography for the Spring Mini Sessions. However, Allison's sister, Katie, and I follow each other's blogs so I guess that is why I call it a blogger play date! I feel like I somewhat know the family through Katie! :)  Allison used to blog, but I think she needs to start back up! I would LOVE to see daily pictures of that sweet girl! HA! Come on Allison! :) We met up at the park for the girls to play. We were too busy chasing the girls in different directions to get too many pictures!
High 5'n Ms. F!
We took a break for a snack!
Thanks so much for meeting us Allison! We cannot wait to meet up again!

Saturday morning, I headed to a camera class given by Addie Scott. If you have a DSLR camera and are using it in automatic, RUN to the nearest camera class in your area! I cannot believe the different between manual and automatic. Shooting is manual definitely takes alot of learning, but the difference is amazing! I am so glad I decided to take the class! Just a couple before and after pictures....

Addie provided breakfast and lunch along with desert! We practiced taking pictures around the room, along with taking pictures of the food.
At the end of the class, we had a little model come in! She was SO adorable! I think I got some great shots... ones I would be happy with if they were H. (I didn't want to post any of her face since I don't have permission). This was one I took outside. This picture has not been photoshopped. I got a new lens that Addie recommended that blurs the background. It definitely makes a difference when taking pictures.
Hadlea had stayed home with daddy all day. The class was from 0930 to 0400 so they got alot of daddy/daughter time! Nana came for a visit, and they went shopping. Had and daddy both got new shoes! When I got home, I, of course, was ready to practice my new camera skills! Ha! The ice cream truck was coming down the street, so you know we waved it down so I would have a sitting target!
Snow cone time!
Riding her 4-wheeler.
hangin' with daddy in the new boat!
captain hadlea!
I have alot of work to do with learning to shoot in manual, but I think I am heading in the right direction! Thanks again to Addie for hosting the class! There were 5 of us girls, and I had such a great time!
Saturday evening, we went to buy groceries for the lake the following day. I had picked up Hadlea this life jacket/swim suit the other day, but I got a size too small so I had to exchange it. I was so worried she would hate it, and it would be a constant struggle to keep her in it, but NOPE, she thought it was the greatest thing ever! She spend the entire evening wearing it around and even watched an episode of Blue's Clues in it!
Sunday morning, we got up, had breakfast and ready for our first day on the lake of the summer!
It is always like Christmas to me... I just cannot get their fast enough! We waited on our friends from Arkansas.. Mark, Deanna, Courtney and Briggs. Hadlea is definitely her momma's daughter... she just squealed with excitement when we got on the boat! 
 snack time!
 Briggs Allen.
 me and my baby girl!
 H, Courtney and I
 happy girl!
The water was SO cold! We only got in for about 10 minutes. I thought once we got in that we would get used to it, but NO! It was just too cold with all of the rain! To say Hadlea completely lost it when we took her out could be a complete understatement! She was TERRIBLE! I felt really bad for even putting her in, but I wanted to see how she would react. I do have to say I am glad she LOVED it, because she has many days of this coming this summer... however, I just felt terrible for making her get out!
She did love being out on the boat and waved at every boat we passed. The excitement just wore the sweet girl out!
After leaving the lake, the boys, Justin and Mark, headed to the store so we could cook out. Mark came back with these... this picture does not do them justice! They were huge! 2.5 lbs a piece HUGE! We also had potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. The boys do know how to cook! :)
We were supposed to head back to the lake on Monday, but it was cool in the morning and the wind was gusting up in the 40mph range! Not so fun much on a boat with a baby... makes me too nervous! So we spent the day at home. Hadlea and I got up and ready to head to the store while daddy mowed. I decided to try out some pigtails... OMGoodness... I could just eat her up with a spoon!
We went to the store to get some groceries and a little pool for the backyard. After the store, it was lunch time!
And then naptime... which must not have been long enough since we woke up to this...
and she was only mad because I wouldn't let her take her blanket outside to the pool! such a mean momma I am! :) But once we got outside and she hopped in, she was perfect!
Cool picture. I wish her eyes were open here... she was throwing water at Berkley and you can see it above her head! She was laughing SO hard!
 hadlea and berkley playing.
 happy girl.
 I had planned on putting H in a swimsuit, but I ended up letting her play in her clothes. They looked to be getting heavy, so we just took them off! Naked booty...
 she LOVED it.
 love her eyes.
 water table time.
Daddy went to put the boat in storage, and she was not happy about him leaving. Once he returned, she was stuck to his side! This picture just melts my heart!
We had a great weekend! It was so laid back and relaxing, which is exactly what we needed as we start our summer! The weekends are already filling up! Should be fun...

And just for a fun comparison from last Memorial Day weekend to this one... it is crazy the difference a year makes! Thankfully she loved the water just the same...


Emily said...

Love, love the pigtails!! Hadlea's smile is infectious - I can't stop smiling back at her!

I'm shopping for a new camera right now - what kind do you have? Taking a class is my first stop after I get the camera. What lens did your instructor recommend?

Love the photos and can't wait to see more great ones now that you are shooting in manual!

katie@tulsadetails said...

So glad Finley and Hadlea had a play date! I bet the park was dying of cuteness!

Ok, so we have another weird connection. Last night I was out to dinner with my friend Kelsey. She was asking me if I was planning on going to the Turks & Caicos for my friend's wedding this fall. Then she mentioned some friends if theirs just got back from an amazing wedding there at Beaches - your brothers! Small world. Not sure who their friends are but her husband is friends with your brother (I think). So crazy!

jenn said...

love the comparison pic..

Annie said...

H looks SOOOO stinking cute in her piggy tails!!

I wish that I knew how to use my camera! ha

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