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Monday, June 20, 2011

happy father's day

{obviously a day behind... along with life itself! :) }

Happy Father's Day to the amazing men in Hadlea and I's life!

Hadlea's dadda
 My daddy
 Hadlea's Godfather
 My Godfather

I am not sure if I could have hand picked a better group of men to be apart not only my life, but Hadlea's! They are some of the greatest men I know... and would risk anything for Hadlea and I!
Hoping they all had a wonderful Father's Day... and for Uncle Alan... I hope he had a great Godfather's Day! Hoping/praying/wishing that he will be celebrating his very 1st Father's Day next year! {hint. hint. Auntie A!}
Hope everyone enjoyed the day/weekend with the men in their life!

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