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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hadlea's 18 month day...

I have said since Hadlea was born that I would ALWAYS have her a 1/2 birthday! Since her birthday is so close to Christmas, I want her to have a special day that isn't around the holidays. I am hoping when she gets older we can take her and some little friends camping or to the lake. Just something special for her to enjoy...

My husband thinks I am CRAZY! He just doesn't understand. And not that I really care... because he is always so good to do what I ask anyway! :) Plus, when Hadlea is older and asking for her 'special day' daddy will NOT be saying NO!

I had planned dinner and a cake on June 9th, her 1/2 birthday. We invited some friends over with some kids. We planned to get the pool and toys out. However, that week Justin became VERY busy at work and was working until 8 or 9PM. I decided to cancel everything and just have a day for my baby girl and me!

I picked her up early from daycare and headed to Sonic! She got her first slush!
which the way she was sucking it down, I think she LOVED! :) 
We went to the new splash park in town. She wasn't so sure about getting wet at first, but she soon warmed up! She also met a little girl that she actually played with. They would chase each other through the puddles. It was just too cute!
I had to tell her about every 5 seconds NOT to drink the water! It drove me crazy!
We came home, had dinner and then played with her new present. This Leapfrog Leaptop. You can hook it up to the computer and program their name. When you turn it on, it says, Hi Hadlea! You can also program it to receive emails. So one email says, "Dear Hadlea. I love you so very much. Love, Momma". You can program the emails to come from anyone. It really is adorable, and I LOVE the personalization. It has alphabet games and plays sing along songs. She is still kind of learning to use it. I think it might be a few more months before she is REALLY in to it!
I think she had a great 1/2 birthday... just a momma and me day! ...or I hope she loved it anyway! Ha!

I cannot believe she was so stinking little at her 6 month (or 1/2 birthday) a year ago! You can see it here. SO crazy how big she is getting and just how fast time is flying!

1 comment:

Mrs. Southern said...

She's so cute! I wish you guys lived close since H and P share the same birthday, they would have lots of fun together! We love the water park in our town!

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