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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

flat tire, birthdays, 4wheeler, cows

This past weekend, Hadlea and I loaded up to head to Medford where my parents live to celebrate my dad's birthday. I honestly cannot remember the last time I seen my dad on his birthday unless it was out at the farm. Since my dad is a wheat farmer and it is time to harvest the wheat, it makes this the busiest time of my dad's year! Thankfully, this year harvest came early and went fast! My dad was finished cutting in 4 days... and with as much land as he has to cut, that HAS to be a record! I guess having 4 combines going pays off!

At lunch on Friday, I ran to a local bakery to pick up a pie for my dad's birthday. I truly know the way to my dad's heart! :) The bakery isn't that far so I ran in, got it, and came straight back home. I worked the rest of the afternoons, packed my car and then headed to get Hadlea. I went through Sonic to get me something to drink and get H a snack. While going through the drive through, someone tapped on my window and told me I had a flat... flat=understatement! My tire was RUINED!

I called Justin. Thankfully, he was on his way home from work anyway. I knew my tire was ruined so we decided I would just unload my car into his truck and drive his truck to Medford. (and do you know how much stuff you need to travel a weekend with a 1 year old... like half your house!) I was NOT a fan. His truck is TOO big for me. I cannot even reach Hadlea in his truck so handing her something going down the interstate is nearly impossible! But, we traded vehicles, I went to get Hadlea and we were on our way!

After I picked her up and we were 20 mins+ down the road, Justin calls to tell me my spare is flat. Awesome!! He has to call a friend to help him get the spare aired up and then his friend drives him to Tulsa to get a new tire put on my rim... only $250 later! Awesome again!! Look what was in my tire...
That would be a key! Like really!? How does a key end up in your tire... like completely through your tire. What are the freaking odds of that happening anyway! There was also a nail... which is understandable, but a key?! Nonetheless, the tire was put on and they were off... Justin atleast had a vehicle for the weekend!

{This was Berkley riding in Hadlea's carseat on the way to get her! No idea why he loves riding in her carseat when she is not there! ...maybe because he cannot when she is there! Ha!}
On the road with sleeping babies = Awesome!
I have never been so thankful to be in western Oklahoma! There is just something about being 'home'! Meford is truly my home and always will be! I don't ever plan to move back, but driving through town always brings back so many memories! I swear I probably have a story for every street in that town!

When we got to Papa and Gigi's someone spotted the 4-wheeler...
She loved waving as they drove by! Ha!
Saturday morning, Jennifer, Ady and Logan came over for a visit! I didn't get any pictures because Hadlea wasn't in the greatest mood, but I know she loved seeing Ady. She has talked about her since being home!
That afternoon, Papa, Gigi, Had and I went to Kansas to Emery's 1st birthday!

Hadlea, Tyler (cousin), Shawna (his wife) and Emery Jo!
Emery wasn't so sure about sitting in her chair eating her cake, but she was certainly okay with momma feeding it to her! Ha!
There were TONS of kids!
Me/Hadlea, Shawna/Emery, Katie/Averie
(Lily is the redhead and just adorable! My other cousin's baby girl!)
baby girl and me!
pretty sure every picture going forward will be blury!
she is too busy!
Me, Uncle Gary (Godfather), Had and Taylor (cousin)
Hadlea and Gigi
After the party, we went to church and then out to eat at a steak house. We ran into several friends! It was nice to catch up... and Hadlea was definitely in a showing off mood! Once we got home and put Hadlea to bed, I went over to Jennifer's house. It was nice to visit with Jennifer and her husband, Mike. It just doesn't happen enough!
Sunday morning, we got up and dressed! Hadlea decided to ride her tractor! 
And other 4-wheeler ride
Gigi and Had
Papa and Hadlea played with Berkley! Hadlea just loves Berk more and more everyday! If he isn't in the same room with her, she walks around yelling, "buuuubba. buuuubba" until he comes running! Once she sees him, she just squeals! She had so much fun playing with Papa, Berk and the stick!
We went to visit my Grandma Kilian (dad's mom). I should seriously take a picture of my grandma's walls sometime to show you the kids in our family. See the line of pics above my grandma's head?! Yes, that is 6 of my dad's 12 brothers and sisters (the other 6 are above them) ... truly amazing!
We also went out to the nursing home to see my Grandpa Kilian (dad's dad). In the last two weeks, Hadlea has got to see 2 great-grandma's and 1 great-grandpa! We will be back to see my Grandad soon so Hadlea can see him too! I just want her to know her greats so bad! So thankful we can still get pictures with all of them!
When we got home, Hadlea found her shadow in the window... hilarious! That really needs to be on video!
silly girl with a sucker and her bubba. her world was complete at that moment!
We were going to head to the farm to see Hadlea's new cows. Papa sold her very first cow so she got her very first 'cow' check! She also has a Cherokee Sale Barn (where the cows were bought and sold) hat to go with that check! Ha! She may not be so thankful for them now (although this momma is! :) but she sure will be when those cows are buying her first car or paying for college! Thanks so much to Papa for always putting Hadlea first!
Notice anything wrong with her name?!
Yes, Papa puts Kilian (my maiden name) on all of our checks! I think he would have been just fine had Justin changed his name when we got married!! :)
Then it was off to the farm... I know one little hairy boy that absolutely LOVED the cows! ...or maybe he hated them for as much as he barked at them!
Checking out Hadlea's pregnant cow!
Anyone want to name her? Hoping we get to see the baby once it is born!
Meet Horney Lorney! This is my dad's baby, I think! He is one big dude!
Gigi and Had checking out the babies! They are just so adorable running around!
Her other cow!
When we got in from the farm, Reese and Ady came over for a visit! Hadlea was in a much better mood and just followed them around! She thought they were SO funny!
And sleeping babies on the way home = Awesome too!
We had such a great weekend with Papa and Gigi! So glad Papa was done with harvest so he could spend the weekend with his girls! I know it doesn't happen often enough!

Hope you had the best birthday every Papa!
We love you!

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Papa said...

It is always good to spend time with my girls.

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