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Monday, June 06, 2011

catching up...

Tornadoes, Birthdays, Shoes & a Dress

The week after getting back from Turks & Caicos, we had alot going on, however, all I wanted to do was look at the pictures of the trip and get them posted... I couldn't stop looking at them. Plus, I had so many that couldn't make the wedding asking to see them... who was I to keep them waiting!? :)

So here is a recap of a couple of things I missed posting, plus a couple recent things!

The Tuesday after we returned, we had the highest possibility of severe storms and tornadoes in like the last several years. (i suck at weather and history so i cannot remember if it was just several years or like centuries ago. i just remember everyone making a major deal out of it. ha!) Anyway, that day we had pest control come spray our house. I guess the spiders and ants decided to invade our house while we were gone for a week. I was talking to the pest control guy about the weather, and he made the statement that he had went home at lunch and packed necessities for his wife and kids in his car and if the tornadoes started heading towards Tulsa, that they were going to jump in the car and head south. I mean... talk about a feeling like a crappy parent moment... I was making plans with friends for dinner... out at a restaurant. So after feeling so irresponsible, I started calling churches, the school, the fire department, the recreational center and the library to see if they had public tornado shelters... which they do not. So I made sure we had blankets ready in the bathroom where we would be going if the sirens were to sound.... and I figured out what I would be cooking for dinner! :)

In the past, I never really got nervous during storms. I mean, I grew up in central Oklahoma. They used to come weekly. I remember my parents dragging us out of bed when the sirens would go off, and we would sit and watch the TV waiting for the tornado to get close enough to then run two houses down to the nearest house with a shelter. When we were very small, we would go down in the shelter. Once we got older, we sat outside the shelter and watched the storms pass by listening to the news on the radio. We one even watched a tornado go across some wheat fields probably less than a mile from our house. Those things really are amazing!

Anyway... all that brings us to the Tuesday where I am sure everyone in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and the other southern states all had to take cover at some point. We had a tornado spotted just a few miles south of our house, but thankfully it wasn't moving towards us. While we were watching the weather towards us, Hadlea was content as ever playing with her money and piggy bank...
Once the sirens went off, we backed blankets in the bathtub, got her dressed and put her and her money/piggy bank in the tub! Very Oklahoman of us! :)
Berkley and I hanging out in the bathroom with Hadlea! Justin was sitting right outside the bathroom watching the tv. Great family time! :)
There ended up being alot of destruction in the area, however, we got absolutely nothing! I think we got some rain and maybe 2 minutes of some strong winds, but we were very fortunate! I know other were not!

Tuesday of the storm was Berkley's 3rd birthday. We didn't celebrate that day because his crazy momma might or might not had forgot on that specific day! Yikes! But I did remember that evening after the storm so on my lunch the next day, I made sure to go buy him some gifts! :)
We put 3 candles in a cookie and sang him happy birthday.
Hadlea blew out his candles!
And once the candles were removed, she dug in!
And the birthday boy with his toys and bone!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Captain Skeet Berkley Huskey! I {that is his registered name. ha!} I love you far more than I ever imagined was even possible to love a dog. You are just the funniest and smartest thing ever. Berkley can shake, high 5, sit, stay, give a kiss and just recently learned to 'speak' on command. {and yes, I know it seems crazy to be writing to my dog who will NEVER read this, but I do love him that much! :) and don't judge. I used to make fun of my crazy dog friends all of the time. They really do consume your life... but we wouldn't have it any other way with Berk!}

After cookie time, this little girl needed a bath... and then it was play time with daddy!
She LOVES her hat and shades. She wears them all of the time!

Last Wednesday, we went to meet G, Taran, Trevin and new baby Raelie for dinner. I laughed as we were getting a table because it has been the 6 of us for a year and a half and now there are 7! Why does SEVEN sound so much bigger than 6... maybe it is the 3 babies! :)
On our way home we stopped at a new snowcone stand in town. They did NOT have Root Beer... which happens to be my all-time favorite. Who doesn't carry Root Beer?! :) Anyway, we settled for some cherry berry something... which Hadlea did NOT frown upon! This was her, "show us your tongue" face!
Playing with daddy!
We got to dinner early when meeting G and Taran, so we ran over to a show store to see about getting Hadlea some new shoes. She is growing out of all of hers. I wanted some white Nike or Puma's for daycare, but they didn't have any I liked. I picked these up to show Justin how they lit up and that was the wrong thing to do! Hadlea would NOT leave them alone and insisted on putting them, "on. on. on". So we put them on and never took them off until bedtime!
I wasn't crazy about them at first, but she she is adorable to watch run around and stomp her feet to make them light up!

I got this dress from a friend the other day whose daughter had out grown it. I put Had in it for daycare the other day and she just looked so OLD! I took some pictures when she got home... which I am actually surprised that it wasn't all dirty after a day of daycare! :)
more piggy bank time!
she really could do this for hours!
sweet, sweet girl!
silly, silly girl
The dress was a 2T, but fit pretty well since it had been used and washed and dried a few times. It was almost floor length, which made her look so big! She LOVED the dress too... maybe because I made such a big deal about it, but we ALMOST had to sleep in it that night. It took me forever to convince her to take it off!

Hadlea and I had a great weekend visiting my Grandparents in southern Oklahoma. Justin went fishing. So look for a post on our weekend coming soon! We also took 18 month pictures, but those will wait for her 18 Month post on the 9th... or maybe I could do a sneak peek. You know how I am about holding out on pictures... not so good! :)


Kelly said...

Abby has those Twinkle Toes shoes and she LOVES them! They are super cute!!

Jenn said...

She's adorable!! I really hope that she wins the cover of the mag. I've been voting for her everyday.

My girls both have twinkle toes and they want to wear them every time we leave the house.
I love her little dress but of course she looks cute in everything! :)

Emily said...

She is TOO cute with that piggy bank! You just never know what will catch their interest.

I've always lived on the east coast and can't imagine having to hide out in the bathtub because of tornadoes. So glad you all are ok!

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