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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

busy days...

I have such a hard time believing that it is almost JULY! I have no idea where the hours and days are going, but they are definitely flying by at max speed! We are normally always busier in the summertime, but I think that has just become the 'norm' this year! We hardly every have free nights that we do not have company, are going to meet company or having something else going on! And since I continue to fill up our days and evenings, I guess I love it! :)

This past week has been full! Last Wednesday, I met some of the girls I work with for lunch! Always nice to catch up outside of the office! That evening, Justin, H and I met Rusty and Nana for supper for Nana's birthday! And of course, I didn't even get a picture! I did however get a picture of baby girl and I before bedtime. She thought it was super funny that she could see her face in my phone!

She is FINALLY into reading books... and actually sitting still long enough to finish them! I have read other blogs where parents would sit and read books to their kids, and I wondered when my day would come! I am so glad she is finally getting into them! The things she laughs at when we read just make me laugh!
Hadlea is in to letting me take her picture in the morning! I ALWAYS tell her how cute and beautiful she looks after she gets ready! One morning I asked if she wanted her picture taken and she said yes and walked over to the fireplace to stand. This has now become a morning thing... and my heart just about explodes! Now... how do I get her to smile!? :)
And whatever she has to do... well, bubba has to do too! If she has to take a picture, then bubba does too. If she has to give you a hug, high 5 or knuckles, then bubba needs to do the same! I'm just so glad my sweet boy answers her every demand! Ha! No doubt she thinks he is the greatest thing ever!
Hadlea tells Berkley the WILDEST stories! I can normally make out what she is saying, but these stories are far beyond anything I could ever understand! I guess it is good he will just listen and play along!
Friday afternoon, Gigi arrived! Justin and I went out to dinner and ran a few errands that evening. Before we left, H and Gigi were playing in the sprinkler! Saturday morning, Justin and I headed to the lake for a weekend alone! Gigi and Hadlea went to Big Splash! I do not know too many grandma's that will take their grandbabies to water parks and spend 3 hours in the kiddie pool... even having to go down some of the kiddie slides... Gigi is definitely the greatest!
Saturday evening, Gigi and H went to the carnival in our town!
Sunday, they went to Uncle Alan's and Aunt Amanda's to swim!
Justin and I had a great weekend! Saturday we went to Tenkiller and Sunday we went to Ft Gibson! It was nice to relax and get in some much needed alone time! These were the only pictures I took all weekend... boats, Justin jumping off of a cliff (and if you knew my husband you would know this is HUGE seeing how he HATES heights) and G and Trevin catching a fish!
Sunday evening, we spent some time with Hadlea and celebrating Father's Day! Hadlea made this cute little sign at daycare! No doubt her daddy LOVED it! :-) And shame on me, but I didn't even get a picture of them together! On my list to do...
On Monday, Hadlea came home with a biting report... but this time she was the one that got bit! I couldn't say I was mad or even upset... maybe she will realize it hurts! :)
I did talk to the daycare director a while back when Hadlea was biting more and they think she is completely bored in her class room with the other 1 year olds. They are in the process of moving her to the 2 year old room. She is going 1 day a week and will go full time after the 4th of July. The kids in the 2 year old room were the kids she started with, and I think she will be so glad to be back with them. She talks about one little girl, Emmie, all of the time!

Monday evening, we got a visit from Brandon, Aunt Leslie, Riley and Hannah! ...two more kiddos Hadlea ALWAYS talks about! They played in the pool and played with those little throw down fireworks. Hadlea thought they were hilarious! We cooked hotdogs and brats on the grill! Always a good time with my 3 babies!
Tuesday night, I skipped the gym and went to dinner with two blog friends, Katie and Allison. They are sisters and are SO funny! They had the funniest sister stories from growing up! Before we knew it, it was 8PM! I had met Allison a while back to let Ms F and Hadlea play together at the park, but it was finally nice to meet Katie in person! I had a great time girls... we need another dinner soon! Maybe next time we will actually get a picture instead of yapping and laughing the entire 2 hours! :)


katie@tulsadetails said...

Hadlea seriously could not be any cuter!!

And it was so fun to get together last night. We will definitely have to make plans again soon!! :)

Allison Craig said...

It was so much fun last night! So so glad we got to do it! We all def. have alot in common!! Can't wait to do it again soon. And ditto to what Katie said-Hadlea is just the cutest little thing ever!! Such a gorgeous little baby! Can't wait to get she and Fin together again soon!!

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