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Monday, June 27, 2011

Basquez Bash

This past Saturday, we attended the 'Basquez Bash'! {Basquez (pronounced Boss-key) is Justin's mom's maiden name} This was a get-together for Justin's mom's family! {her 3 brothers, 1 sister and all of the kids/grandkids} 34 people attended and we all had a great time! It was at Rusty and Nana's house on the ranch. They had alot of stuff lined up for the kids and adults to do for entertainment. We also had a GREAT lunch... those Mexican people sure know how to cook! :) {Nana's dad was full blood Mexican and her mom was Caucasian... which makes Hadlea an 1/8 Mexican... which is where she gets her AMAZING skin. Have I mentioned she is already darker than I am, and I put 60 spf on her when we are outside!? Jealous!}

We headed out to Rusty and Nana's around 11AM. I had forgot to take a pic of Hadlea before we left... I LOVED her outfit! ...which we had given to us!
While we were waiting on everyone to arrive, Hadlea played in Riley and Hannah's room. She LOVES Hannah's babies and the kitchen! I guess we will be investing in one of those soon!
The family! ...minus Rusty and I. Rusty had cows out and I was taking the picture! (Justin's cousin Megan took a picture of the group with me in it and then we plan to photoshop each other in. I will replace this picture with both of us once we do our photoshopping.)
The boys played horse shoes...
The little babes had fun playing horse shoes and throwing water balloons at each other!
The bounce house! ...Hadlea's favorite with Jace and Alyvia.
Mahiya, Hannah and Hadlea... Hadlea had so much fun playing with the big girls! She laughed and squealed the entire time! Funny story... Hannah was doing a trick and wanted to show her Uncle Justin so she started yelling, "Justin"! And little Ms Mocker started yelling, "Jus-in. Jus-in"! It was SO cute! She has called him Jus-in twice since being home! Ha! He reminds her, "I'm dadda"! :-)
Rusty took us over to the horses so she could ride one...
She wouldn't get on without momma! And she still didn't know what to think once we were on!
When we got in, she wanted a 'nack' (snack). So she set down and ate cheese and crackers with Rusty! I don't think he really wanted to lick the cheese off of her finger! Ha!

She sat with Rusty on the porch and watched some of the other kids playing. We hurried and got a picture with Riley and Hannah before her next move!
Thanks to Rusty and Nana for having it! It was a great time with family we do not see often enough! Some of them had never seen Hadlea or maybe seen her right after she was born. It is always fun to show off your kids.. and of course, she LOVED to play with the other kids. It always takes her a while to warm up, but once she does, she is FULL speed!


Jenn said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like you guys had a great time! :)

Emily said...

What fun! I love her outfit too - sooo cute!!

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