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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turks & Caicos 2011 - Day 4

Day 4. The reason we went to Turks & Caicos. Wedding Day. The day I woke up at 630AM to take a shower and wash my hair before going to have it done. I can bet it took me an hour to shower because I could NOT stop crying! I thought I had cried enough all week and especially the night before, but WRONG! I had waited for this day for my brother for SO LONG! Justin is definitely my soul mate... and the feeling of unconditional love is not something you find everyday. It is the greatest feeling IN.THE.WORLD. And to finally see my brother experiencing it is like nothing I can explain. I know he loves Amanda with everything he has. He would give up anything for her, if needed. I have been through many relationships with Alan, and I knew that each before her were not meant to be. {see Alan... I wasn't just being the over protective sister. I just KNEW! Ha!} It was soon after Alan and Amanda started dating that I knew it was forever. And once he told me it was going to be forever, my heart about exploded into a million pieces. Not only was my brother gaining his sole mate, but I was going to gain a SIL! ...and a pretty damn good one too! :)

The bridesmaids started the day by meeting at the salon for hair and makeup at 730AM... the bride was up first!
Once hair and makeup was done, we headed to Amanda's room for hair and makeup touch ups and to start getting ready! We all brought black shorts to pair with the bridesmaid tanks and flip flops Amanda bought us, and wore them to get ready!
I had my hair done at the salon. This picture is NOT what they did. I could not even bring myself to take a picture of what they did. It was like prom circa 1990. It was TERRIBLE! I walked into Amanda's room, went straight to her mom and told her I hated it. Her words, "ummm.. yeah, we have to do something with that!" So glad Janelle doesn't beat around the bush! Ha! We let all of the curls out that were pinned to my head and added a flower. Not 100%, but MUCH better!
While the bridesmaids were finishing getting ready, and running late, of course, the groomsman and everyone else were meeting in the lobby to be escorted to the wedding area. The groom, mother of the groom and CUTEST flower girl EVER!
When we left the bride's room, I thought we were going to meet everyone in the lobby... but NOPE, they escorted us straight to the wedding, where everyone was already seated, music playing, groomsman at the front, and groom standing at the front facing the ocean.... queue HUGE sobbing tears from the sister of the groom...
Carrie-MOH, Amber-MOH, Me, Tara, Bridgette, Leslie.
Here comes the bride...
Aunt Shan releasing the flower girl... who still isn't sure about the sand...
So momma had to head to the back and walk her down...
Hadlea stood right in front of me until the very end. She did great! She did sit down through part of the ceremony and tried cleaning the sand off of her feet. It was hard not to watch her and pay attention! She was just so funny! :)
Parents of the Bride and Groom!
Mr. & Mrs. Kilian strolling the beach as husband and wife!
Gigi, Hadlea and Papa
Mike and Shan
McDowells, Kilians, Huskeys!
Wedding Party!
Two of the bridesmaids were not able to make the trip, plus 3 ushers = the guys out numbering us!
I have seen the wedding pictures from the photographer, and they are AMAZING! Like literally magazine worthy amazing! I cannot wait to share... well, I hope I can eventually share! I am dying for A&A to get home so I can get ahold of that CD! They are still on their honeymoon and will be returning on Sunday!

The wedding started at 10AM... or maybe a little later, but it was over and we were done with pictures by 1130! It was perfect! We all went back to our rooms, changed, ate lunch and hit the pool! We found a beach entry pool and some little girl was in heaven...
playtime with Aunt Shan!
Playtime with Papa!
Gigi and Papa later took Had over to the water park and to float the lazy river!
Later that evening, we all got ready for the wedding reception! I would definitely recommend anyone having a destination wedding to split up the wedding and reception!  It was so perfect to get the wedding anxiety out of the way, spend the day on the beach and later head meet back up to celebrate! The reception was outside around a pool and it was gorgeous!
food tables.
open bar.
cutting the cake.
I didn't get a picture of the first bite of cake, but Alan put it is in mouth and made Amanda get it with her mouth... from his! It was hilarious!
and this sweet girl was getting tired, but was easily entertained with Blue Clues, of course!
my sweet husband!
me, Mike and Shan.
with my bff.
uncle gary and I
Lina, Justin and Had
fun group!
the new Mr & Mrs!
super cute pic!
Hadlea finally wore down and Auntie Shan put her to sleep!
Sleepy baby girl! She was so hot so we had to strip her down!
After the reception, we headed to the Disco Bar but it wasn't very happening, so we went to Bobby Dee's, which is like a malt shop with ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc. It stays open until 6AM. I think they seen alot of our group through the week! :)
Obviously, the best day of the trip... so many memories from a beautiful ceremony! Like I said, I hope to post more pictures of the bride and groom soon... they are just SO amazing!

Day 5 we headed home. :-(  But still pictures to share!


katie@tulsadetails said...

The wedding was amazing! I love her cake and your flowers. She was a beautiful bride. I love living vicariously through you!!!

Candice said...

Gorgeous couple...congrats to them!! You looked beautiful too. Your trip looks amazing!!

Paige said...

What a beautiful wedding and couple! You and Hadlea look so stunning as well! =)

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