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Friday, May 27, 2011

Turks & Caicos 2011 - Day 3

Day 3. Friday turned into the adventurous day as everyone decided to go do something. Some were wanting to go fishing, others snorkeling or diving and some stayed around the resort and did the boats and bikes that were available to use.

Justin, Michael and my dad headed out bright and early at 8AM to go deep sea fishing! They ended up getting stormed on really bad and were soaking wet so they said it was a little cold, but it looks like they had a great time!
My dad / Papa
I guess they also put a drag line on the back of the boat and bait it for a shark. I think if I would have seen that pole move like there was something on it, I would have beyond freaked out! But they did catch this thing and reel it in. Justin said they stink really bad... Thankfully, I have no idea! :)
While the boys were fishing in the morning, we all headed to the pool. Does someone not look completely relaxed on her vacay?!
Gigi and H
swimming with momma
Auntie B, Gigi, Hadlea and I
After lunch, a group of us loaded up on the boat to go out snorkeling. The resort offered free snorkeling, but we were wanting to go further out. One of my brother's friends went and made a deal to get us our own boat, open bar and food. It ended up to be the second best part of the trip... after the wedding of course! 21 of us ended up on the boat. Hilarious time!

Shan and I on the boat!
heading out! the views were amazing!
Our first stop was to dive for conch shells. When they told us we were doing this, I thought it was kind of strange that we would be snorkeling for shells in deep water. When the first person jumped off the boat and the water was less than hip deep, I freaked out! ...because this meant we had to walk around and our feet would touch stuff! Yikes! I am fine doing it on the beach because it is nice and clean... but out in the ocean there were shells and... other stuff. But I did get in. And I actually did pick up my own shell! Well... after I had my baby brother check to make sure there was nothing around it! Ha!
The shells we collected!
my baby brother and I
After finding the conch, we headed to snorkel. It is so amazing that as you drive into the middle of the ocean and all you see is water... for miles. And then they say okay... here is a reef, jump in... you are like, what could possibly be so great about this area!? And then you jump in and look down! Holy cow... AMAZING! The fish were colorful as was the plant life. I have been snorkeling before, and it just doesn't compare to what we seen. There were a couple of people with water cameras so I hope they post pics soon. It was so beautiful! Just amazing to see more of God's work...

It was raining the entire time we were snorkeling. It happened to be a good thing, because it was warmer in the water than on the boat, so atleast we were not on the boat freezing. Just as we were done snorkeling, the rain stopped and sun came out. And we headed to Iguana Island...
We seen TONS of these little guys! Jake and I were walking in the back when we seen two that were fighting. They were biting and running from each other. We were laughing because we thought they were 'really' fighting... only to watch them start mating a few minutes later. Oh the entertainment that can give a group of guys that have been drinking all day! :)
After checking out the Iguanas, we moved down to a little shell beach. The captain of our boat started beating the conch shells to get the conch out. I guess they beat them to knock them loose and then cut out the meat. Gross!
the insides!
the meat!
And another funny that you can only truly enjoy with a large group that has been drinking all day... the MAN parts of the conch! People eat it. I guess it is an aphrodisiac... and no. I am not kidding. I could really not make this stuff up! And I cannot stop laughing as I type this! I think 4 or 5 people ate them. I passed... willingly! You cannot really see Shannan holding it since it is so small. It is clear and looks like a worm. I guess they can get several feet long. You know... so they can get out of the shell to mate. OMGoodness... I cannot believe I am writing about the man parts of a conch! Hilarious!
The meat of the conch was cut up along with onions and peppers to make Conch Salad, which they eat with salsa. I only ate the chips! I know... I am such a wimp! They say it tastes like chicken... but what doesn't?!
Music time and fun on the boat! Another thing I thought was funny is that they listen to American music. I am not sure why I found this so funny, but even their radio stations had American people talking. I know they all speak English, but they didn't even have much of an accent on the radio. But they did know great music!!
Shan and I
sand writing!
see the rainbow?!
After getting back from snorkeling, we all had an hour to get ready and be at the rehearsal dinner! Talk about frantically trying to get ready! But we made it!

My sweet little family! This is my favorite family pic of the trip!
Had with her Papa and Gigi
Our family at the wedding!
The food was amazing! Here is appetizer and main dish. We also had salad and desert, but I forgot to take pictures of!
Alan and Amanda went to different colleges. Both in the Big 12. Alan went to OSU (Oklahoma State University - Orange) and Amanda to KU (Kansas University - Blue). They wanted to tie their schools in somehow since both of them had several fellow alumni coming to the wedding. They had these cookies made by a friend in the states and then shipped them over to Turks. I can almost bet that these were the most expensive cookies ever made... after paying to have them made and then shipping costs! :)
Also on the table were lottery tickets! I thought this was a fun idea for guests! I didn't win anything! :(
After dinner, everyone just hung around and talked. The dad's of the bride and groom gave speeches along with a couple of the groomsman. Amanda's dad wrote a poem about Alan and Amanda and it was beyond funny! I am hoping to get a copy and I will post!
The Bride and Groom on their last night being single!
One more day before she was officially my SIL!
the hubs and I
shan and mike
my aunt rene, uncle gary and I
mike and I
both of our families!
I do have to say that Alan and Amanda's families could not be more perfect for each other! Our parents get along great! Our mom's talk on the phone and meet up for lunch! It is such a great feeling to be getting a new SIL, but also a BIL and more parents! I know I could call Amanda's parents at anytime, and they would not hesitate to help me with whatever was needed! They are really amazing people! And I am so thankful my brother married into such a great family!
Gigi and Had
Me, Amanda and Shannan
Shan and I
the boys.
Jake and I
Ericka, Auntie B and I
Ericka, Auntie B and I
Auntie B, Papa and Ericka
After dinner, the bridesmaids headed to the bride to be's room to plan out the next morning's events! We had to be up at 730 to get our hair done! Yikes! We also got some amazing gifts! We received monogrammed tote bags, Torry Burch flip flops, Bridesmaid tanks, earrings and a bracelet. Amanda was WAY to generous!
Next, the flower girl received her gifts! ... which I think she racked in twice as much! Ha! She received a monogrammed tote bag, a pearl bracelet, a new purse, a baby, a visor and some beach toys!
The night ended early since we had an early morning!
I still cannot believe I wrote about the genitals of a conch!
Tomorrow = wedding day!


Annie said...

Still soooo jealy of your trip. H looks so cute chilling in the pool!!

Anonymous said...

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