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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turks & Caicos 2011 - Day 2

Day 2. It was all about touring around the resort and checking things out. And getting LOTS of sun!

I do have to stop and say THANK YOU to Papa and Gigi. They Gigi wanted Hadlea's crib in their room so they took Hadlea every night. It was the perfect vacation for Justin and I! Getting to spend all day with our baby girl, but got to go out at night with the group and sleep in! I cannot think of a better vacation! Ha! Several of the parents said Hadlea made them really miss their kids because she was so perfect the entire trip! I am so thankful... because I know it could have been a disaster! :)

We got up Thursday morning, had breakfast and headed towards the ocean.
my daddy and I.
we passed several of these little guys on our walk. they were everywhere!
After checking everything out, we walked over to find Had and Gigi sunbathing!
most perfect baby girl. EVER!
That afternoon, Hadlea got to visit Sesame Street Live with Gigi and Auntie B. My mom had told me about it, and I told her good luck. I figured Hadlea would freak at the site of a huge stuffed animal!! Although she was a little hesitant, she never once cried! And after this picture, she just hugged on Elmo! She just loves her Elmo... but she will not watch him on tv... only Blues Clues. Silly girl! {Can you even spot her?! :) }
The picture had to be taken by the resort and then you had to pay for it. Or I guess make a donation. Gigi wasn't going to pay, but Auntie B was just not standing for it! So look what Auntie B brought back?! And guessed who just laughed and kissed Elmo 100 times! Ha!
We spent ALOT of time in the pool! Hadlea loved every bit of it and the attention! She loved to watch everyone splash around. We also got where she would jump fall into the water for us to catch her.
After swimming, I took H up for a nap. She would NOT go to sleep. Gigi came into the room and tried and she 'maybe' slept for 15 minutes. There was just too much going on outside! Since she wouldn't sleep, Gigi brought her back down for a walk. I just LOVE this picture!!
Gigi, Justin and I would take shifts on getting ready. So in the evening when it was time to get ready, we would take her. When it was time to get ready for the Welcome Party that evening, Shan, Mike, Justin, Hadlea and I walked over to the water park. The water park was great! They had some really big stuff for the older kids, which us 'big' kids took turns doing... and then some smaller slides for H. She loved the slides too. She is such a daredevil! See that blue slide in the right picture... Yes, she went down that several times. And LOVED it! The other kids going down it were probably 5x her age!
While I got ready for the Welcome Party, Justin and Hadlea watched some BC... so sweet!
Papa and H got in some park time!
Welcome Party time! By Thursday evening, everyone coming for the wedding had arrived, so Alan and Amanda hosted a meet and greet with drinks. Super fun to see everyone and meet some that I didn't know! We met at a bar so Hadlea couldn't go in. We took turns hanging with her outside. She loved sitting by the water and throwing rocks in!
My momma and I
My uncle Gary/Godfather and I
Shannan and I
Hadlea and her godmomma.
my sweet baby girl and I
Mike, Shannan and Hadlea
our little fam.
Jake and Ericka
momma and her youngest
Jake, Ericka, Mom and Dad
Papa's turn to play with H! They had a great time playing pool!
Jake/baby brother and I
two of the loves of my life.
my brothers. alan and jake.
momma and her oldest.
momma and her kids!
alan, jerrod and I.
{i have been blessed with some really amazing friends over the years. ones that i still call my bffs. ones i know that would be there for me at any given moment. but everyone should have a shannan. i can tell her anything. and i mean anything. and she never judges. and the funny thing is, we are completely night and day different in so many ways. opposites attract, i guess! ha! i honestly believe God chose her to be my sister. but since i never had a sister, i would assume this is what that relationship is like. it is a great feeling to know someone will never judge you. even if they do not agree. i have the same relationship with my brothers. although i am almost positive that they do not want to discuss some of the 'girl' things shan and i discuss! :) }
the girls!
morgan, shan, me, amanda (the bride to be), licia, danielle, ericka
Amanda with her mom and soon to be MIL!
Auntie B and I!!
After the welcome party, we all headed to eat dinner. We later met at a sports bar to watch the OKC Thunder game. So funny to be able to watch the NBA playoffs while in another country. Funny thing is... there was a Texas group there too... which the Thunder were playing the Mavs. The Thunder ended up winning so we got to rub it in a little! Ha!
After the game, we all headed to the disco club! Hilarious time! We pretty much took over the dance floor and the night ended with some shirtless guys! I will save you those pictures! Ha!
My soon to be SIL at the time! (and Jerrod peeking over)
Super fun day/night! Which technically I could end each post that way! The entire trip was amazing.... which you might hear me say a million time! Ha! I really do wanna go back. Like tomorrow! But I guess I will stay here and show you Day 3... the boys go fishing, we go snorkeling and the rehearsal dinner!


Jessica said...

What a fun trip! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Annie said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I am so jealous!

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