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Saturday, May 07, 2011

project 365 - week 18

You can find week 17 here!
Watching our little gymnast! Hadlea and I drove south to watch Hannah in her gymnastics competition! She is doing amazing for her first year! We cannot wait to see more! Hadlea got in some cousin time with Mackenzie, Riley and Hannah!
Fixin' her hair! Hadlea is loving her new make-up table! She woke up first thing in the morning, went straight to her table and started brushing her hair! Maybe a future cosmetologist?
Flowers from the hubby! Justin was sweet enough to bring flowers home from work one day! I LOVE roses!
More 4-wheelin'! Hadlea is loving her 4-wheeler. Her face is just too cute in this picture!
Getting in some baby time! We took dinner to G, Taran and Trevin so I could get in some baby with Raelie Sage! She is such a great baby and slept the entire time we were there! Hadlea even let me hold her for quite awhile before the jealousy kicked in! Ha! And nope... still no baby fever here!

May 5: No picture! :-( - Hadlea got sent home with her 3rd... THIRD... biting report from daycare, which makes for one unhappy mommy! It was too sad of a day for a picture!

Playing in the sprinkler! After work, Justin, Hadlea and I went to get flowers to plant in the flower beds. Hadlea LOVED playing in the dirt. After we were done planting, daddy turned on the sprinkler, and we found something she loved doing even more... playing in the water!

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