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Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend 2011

Mother's Day weekend was jam packed with lots of fun stuff! I needed to get a few things before our vacation, but it turned into 2 days of straight shopping... and THIS momma is not arguing with that!

Daddy picked up Hadlea on Friday and brought her home with this... I just love crafts from her daycare! And she was so proud of it too. A flower... which we 'smelled' several times!
We all changed clothes and headed to get flowers for the flower beds and pots! There is nothing better than planted flowers, however, I am just not into planting them! Okay... take that back... I don't mind planting them, I HATE buying them! Flowers are so darn expensive... especially things that might not last all summer! Oh well... everything looks so much better! Hadlea was totally into playing in the dirt! She would get a handful and then quickly drop it... and say, 'goss' (gross)!
After planting, daddy turned on the sprinkler to water that grass. Hadlea immediately started running through the water! She thought the water hitting her face was SO funny... she has the CUTEST giggle ever! She had such a great time!
Friday night, Grammie arrived just in time to put Hadlea to bed! I should always video her arrivals. Melts.My.Heart!
Saturday morning, we got up, spent some time playing outside and then headed to lunch with Nana, Aunt Donna, and cousins, Riley and Hannah!
Nana and her babies!
 Nana and Aunt Donna with the kiddos... including Justin!
 Uncle Justin and Han
 Aunt Hova and Ry
(And yes, that is what everyone on Justin's side calls me, Aunt Hova. That is how Riley said my name when he was little and it has always stuck! I just LOVE it!)
 Nana and Haddie Mae
 Momma and son!
pretty sure more is going on here than just a picture! :)
 We had a great lunch and visit with Nana, Aunt Donna and the kids! Hadlea wasn't so cooperative, which makes lunch stressful, but we got through it! ... with alot of paci bribing!
After we left lunch, daddy dropped us off at the mall to meet Grammie!
Daddy left for his fishing tournament and us girls got in a FULL day of shopping! I got several new summer dresses, jewelry, shoes, a hat and a new lens for my camera! Have I said I am beyond ready for that beach trip!? Shopping and getting to wear my new stuff only confirms it! Ha!
Grammie HAD to let Hadlea ride the carousel! TWICE! I am NOT about these things at all! I think they are gross and germ infested! I am not going to keep her from riding them, but oh my goodness, they make me cringe! And, I guess it's much better than having a kid going through the mall screaming 'horsie, pease'! Kind of heart breaking if you don't give in!
After getting home, we went for a walk.. or three. Hadlea is loving walking Berkley, and I think I take this picture daily now! I LOVED this one... I just love them both so much. I wish they honestly knew! They just make my heart so full and thankful!
Sunday afternoon, we went to Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda's for a Mother's Day cookout! Even without kids, these two never forget, not only their own mother's, but me! They always include me by getting me cards and flowers!
Hadlea could not stay away from the water, so we gave her a little dip! She ended up playing on the top step for a while before tripping and falling in! She barely cried, but OMGoodness, I think my heart stopped when she went all the way under! No more water for her that day! :)
But she did get in ALOT of cousin, Avery, time! She loves Ave!
Thanks to everyone that made the weekend so special! I just LOVE other momma friends that always send the sweetest Facebook messages and/or texts! It just makes Mother's Day all that more special! Thanks to Grammie Gigi for coming to stay the weekend and a thanks to Grampie Papa for letting her! I know you are always on the back burner (much like the rest of us) when it comes to Hadlea! :) And thanks to my hubby for the flowers from Hadlea and the money to shop on... I think you might need to deposit just a little more in my account! Ha! :) ...and I am seriously not joking!  


Callie said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day, especially the shopping! Fun! :-)

Emily said...

I love that she thinks dirt is yucky - such a great girl!

Happy Mother's Day!

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