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Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day

A special thanks to the men and woman, past and present, who have or are continuing to fight for our freedom! Before having Hadlea, I was told just how much having a child can change your perspective on life. I believed it in many ways... but there are just some ways that I never imagined it affecting me. Like a child go to war... even if the man or woman is 40... they are still someone's child.... or husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, etc. I respect the men and woman that have served or are serving our country, but just as much, I respect their families. Thanks to all of you that HAVE fought for our freedom. Thanks to those CURRENTLY fighting for our freedom. Thanks to those who have set and worried about your loved ones... watched countless hours of the news to ensure your family members are safe... thanks for allowing your loved ones to fight for MY freedom. for MY daughters freedom...
So I can hug her every morning, take her to church, or maybe something as simple as giving her pigtails...
or laugh hysterically while she cheeses it up for the camera!
For those that have lost loved ones, please know I am praying for you today! My heart breaks anytime I see a cemetery, but I would have to say it breaks alot more for a military cemetery. Your loved ones freely put their life on the line to fight for our country. I will forever be grateful for our military and their families. May God bless you all today... and bring peace to those that need it!

Something that doesn't break my heart... PIGTAILS. They about make my heart explode with happiness! And do you happen to know just how hard it is to get a picture of a wild 1 year old straight on where you can see BOTH pigtails?! Impossible! The cuteness is just too much...

Happy Memorial Day!

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