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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

catching up & twitter

There are just NOT enough hours in the day lately! We have had so much going on... getting everything around the house cleaned and picked up before we leave for vacation, doing laundry and packing for vacation... and.. AND having a 30th birthday party at our house for the hubs! And still so much to do...

I had to have some bows made to match some of Hadlea's outfits for the trip. I ran out of space on her other bow holders so I picked up this one where I get her bows. It matched her room perfectly!
 Hadlea is loving to wear hats these days! She will go around the house saying, "hat. hat. hat" until I dig one out of her drawer to wear. This still has to be my favorite one... since her daddy got it before she was even born. The skull is actually pink and has a bow at the top! So adorable!
Saturday night I had a 30th birthday party for Justin. It was completely last minute and thrown together! But it turned out to be super fun! We had friends from his work, friends we run around with and then friends he fishes with. Such a great mixture of the people!
 We cooked out hot dogs, hot links, brats, grilled chicken, potatoes and corn. Cupcakes from a local bakery. After dinner, it got kind of cool so we lit the fire pit and set around talking! It was such a great time!
 the 30 year old and I!
 Kellen and I
 one of my bff's, Deanna and I
 Deanna and I
 James and Stephanie
 Justin's Uncle Tommy and I
Everyone finally left early Sunday morning, which made for an early morning when the kiddos woke up, but well worth it! We definitely plan to have more cookouts this summer!
Sunday morning, we got up and were playing with Hadlea when she tried to jump off of her chair towards me {remember, this girl has NO fear}, and I turned at the last minute to catch her and her mouth hit my shoulder. It busted her lip and blood was pouring out of her mouth...
But no tears... not one! She is one tough girl!
Sunday evening, we started packing for the trip... Hadlea of course had to try on her sun hat and shades. She is definitely beach ready... minus the pajamas! Ha!
 My brother and soon to be SIL arrived at the beach yesterday, and she sent me this... Not sure if this was meant to make me jealous that they were already there or not... but it sure did! So beautiful! I am DYING to get there!

And TWITTER... I used to use twitter, or follow people, and then I got out of it! I decided to get back in because I am starting to feel like I am completely out of touch with the 21st , so if you 'tweet' add me... @hlkhuskey. :-)

Tomorrow we are headed out of the country. And I am counting down the seconds... Lots of pictures to come!!


Jessica said...

Hope y'all have a great vacation! I am super jealous! I love her beach hat! ;)

katie@tulsadetails said...

Looks like a great birthday party!!! I cannot wait until you get back from your trip! I am dying to see pics! Hadlea will be the cutest beach baby ever!

Candice said...

Happy birthday justin!! Looks like a fun party!

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