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Monday, May 23, 2011

and we're back....

Do you know how hard it is to return from this...
after getting drinks here!
and swimming here.
 which some little brown girl thought was the greatest.thing.ever!
taking boat rides to snorkel, dive for conch shells, eat conch salsa {which I actually didn't do. yuck!}, and go to iguana island.
walk around the beautiful resort.
and of course attend the wedding of the century! :-)
Hadlea was AMAZING! She never had one single break down. NOT ONE BREAK DOWN. How does that exactly happen when she was having them daily?! And she was completely off her schedule?! We had so many compliments on how great she was... and how beautiful (but we already knew that! ha!)!! She had the greatest time swimming, although she HATED the sand. The ocean and sand were not her fan, which made it complicated as we got closer to wedding day... since she was the flower girl and all, and the wedding was ON the beach, she kinda had to get over that!

I have so much to share... so stay tuned! I am still going through my 700+ pictures. I will post per day, which means alot of Turks and Caicos pictures to come!

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