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Thursday, April 14, 2011

sick baby girl & Hannah's 5th Birthday

I haven't blogged much about what we have been doing this week! I have pretty much been in catch up mode the last few months! I cannot keep up with ANYTHING!! I have wondered for sometime how you working momma's work outside of the house AND raise a family! I am blessed that I have a great job and get to work inside my house! I take Hadlea to daycare every morning and then come back to start working for the day! There are times when I do cleaning or laundry during the day so when Hadlea gets home from daycare, we get to play without distractions. And because daddy is SO AMAZING, he normally makes us dinner so us girls can play!

I just feel like life is somewhat out of control right now! We have so much going on... something every weekend and the week days are so full that there is no time to catch up! I am just ready for work to slow down so I feel like I am somewhat back to normal!

And on top of all of that, Hadlea now has a double ear infection! I knew she wasn't feeling well this weekend. She has been super cranky and clingy. She cries about everything! I took her in on Monday. I was HOPING it was just allergies. I hadn't seen her pull or dig at her ears like I had in the past. But nope, an ear infection! And just when I thought she was getting better, she started everything again today after daycare and now, she has her LAST TWO TEETH coming in! After this, she will have ALL of her teeth! ...that just seems so crazy to me! I just feel so terrible for her!

We went through most of the weekend and beginning of the week on VERY little sleep, but the last two nights have been good!! {knocking on wood and crossing our fingers} I am just hoping she gets to feeling better VERY soon!

Tonight, I went to the gym, Hadlea was supposed to go to the chiropractor and we were supposed to look at a house! Yes... we are talking about upgrading our house! ....or I guess I should say my husband is talking about upgrading our house! I will save that for another post and tell you how I REALLY feel! :) But, after the gym everything got put on hold for TORNADOES! Last May, Hadlea went through her very first tornado...
And yes, we just stuck her in the bath tub! How very Oklahoman of us, right?! Ha! The sirens did go off today, but everything was north of us! We got a little rain, but the wind blew very little! We just continued to play and watch the news!

We are gearing up for a very full, fun weekend! Like I was saying... ALOT of stuff going on!

But I did want to share my pictures from my sweet niece's 5th birthday! Hannah is ALL ABOUT Hello Kitty...
happy birthday to you...
Hannah got some fun chalk, which Hadlea loved!
And OF COURSE she LOVED the dog!
i loved his!
Haddie Mae and Riley Clay.
Haddie and Riley with the birthday girl!
Hope you had a great birthday, Hannah! I still cannot believe you are 5 years old!
We love you!


Erin said...

We seriously have almost the same taste in clothing. Avin has that gray dress but in the cream color! ( at least I think it is the same ).

I hope she is feeling better. i am starting to wonder if Avin has another Ear Infection!

katie@tulsadetails said...

I just saw Hadlea's pictures that Addie took! (First, I hope that isn't weird I recognized her.) They are absolutely adorable! She is too cute! :) The sneak peek was adorable!!

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