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Saturday, April 30, 2011

randoms & zulily finds

just a few random pictures from this week.

we find babies everywhere.
if they can be put 'in' something, you bet we will find them there...
daddy's boot!
we have this second high chair/booster seat from when we had a nanny who brought her little boy to our house. we have kept it since our friends have kids too. hadlea thinks her babies like to 'sit' in it and eat too. silly girl!
hadlea's gigi (her great granny) sent her money for Easter and instead of putting it in her saving, I decided to let her put it in her piggy bank. we robbed daddy's change drawer and spent an hour putting money in her piggy. she would say, "piggy", "penny", each time she put the change in!
I won this backpack last year, and I LOVE it! We now use it for a diaper bag! I was thinking the other day that I would like a lunch tote to use for traveling. I take yogurt, cheese or fruit for a snack when we go somewhere, but I had nothing to keep it cold with so I couldn't take that stuff if we were traveling too far. I searched and searched for the perfect lunch tote and actually found one to match her backpack! I am LOVING it too! I got it here!
If you don't have Zulily, you are truly missing out! Sign up here! You sign up to receive emails for daily specials! I got these sandals for $7 a piece! Definitely check it out!
yep, just a day of randoms!


Erin said...

love Zulily but have yet to order :)

Allison Craig said...

I ordered the same shoes! Great minds think alike! I was bummed because they sent the silver and not the black and just let me know they don't have black in her size-they did give me a 10$ credit so I now I am on the hunt for black ones!

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