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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

puppy pjs...

I remember having this pair of Cabbage Patch Kid pajamas when I was little. I remember wearing them all of the time. It was actually like a dress. I haven't really thought about H 'loving' a pair of pajamas until I bought her this pair of puppy pajamas... she thinks they are THE GREATEST! She just giggles every time she sees them! She points to the dog, barks and then says, "bubba"! She will try and get in Berkley's face and point to the dog.... she just cracks us up!

The other night when we were about ready for bed, she wanted to sit in her chair. She then started yelling, "bubba". {he is normally in her room with me when I put her down for bed anyway.} She started pointing beside her and said, "sit", which meant she wanted him to sit beside her. So he got in the chair, although he didn't REALLY want to sit beside her! I don't blame him for being hesitant! :)

I ran to get my camera and she started saying, "cheese"!
And next, is every non-dog person's worst nightmare! :) She started telling Berkley, "nigh-nigh" and trying to give him a kiss!
 And then a "big hug"... which I missed!
 And another kiss!
Hadlea is loving Berkley more and more everyday! I am still not sure the feelings are 100% mutual. Ha! Unless she is eating something... then he LOVES her! But that is normally when she is telling him no!
I know so many {almost ALL of my family} think I am crazy for letting Hadlea kisses Berk or vice versa, but Berkley really is my baby too! I would have just died had Hadlea never loved him! But I know she does, and that is all that matters!

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Annie said...

Awww...they are both so cute :)

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