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Thursday, April 21, 2011

project 365 - week 15

You can find week 14 here!

Hangin' with the Madera's! The Madera's came for a weekend visit where we did alot of playing outside and cooking out! The boys did some fishing, but most of all Courtney and H were best friends!
Happy 5th Birthday, Hannah! We celebrated Hannah's birthday with some of her friends!
Sweet baby boy! Just making sure my baby boy gets blog love too! He is just so perfect sleeping by momma while she works!
Sleepy boy! Okay... so maybe I take alot of Berkley pictures these days because he is the only one I can say "sit" to and will actually listen! His sister is NEVER still!
Sleepy girl! I went to get Hadlea up for daycare, and she was just NOT having it! I turned the light on, sound machine off and started talking to her... nothing! I finally let her sleep until she was ready to get up!
Tornado's! Our tornado sirens went off so we spent time playing in side. The storms were just north of us so we were safe! After everything cleared, I took Hadlea out to feel the rain. It is always the simple things with her... I realized she had never felt rain! She LOVED it!
Daycare ready! Hadlea always makes a big production about leaving for daycare! This particular morning, she needed a paci, a drink of 'wa-er', her blanket and an eggo. Such a funny girl she is...

1 comment:

Raven said...

I love your pictures, love your blog. Ahh those kids of yours! Melt my heart :)

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